The parental control app, FamiSafe


Internet access and mobile phones these days are within everyone’s reach even school-going children. Beneficial in most situations the harms that they can do can’t be avoided.

A parental control app can prove to be very helpful in these situations. There are various parental control apps on the market and FamiSafe is one of the best amongst them.

What is FamiSafe?

Famisafe is a parental control app designed to help parents in keeping an eye on the child’s activities through virtual assistants.

This application was developed by WonderShare developers and the main purpose was to help parents in keeping a child safe.

What does FamiSafe offer to parents?

The parental control app has various features each designed with the purpose to become a helping hand for parents to keep an eye on their child. Here are the features they offer and the purpose of each one.

1.     Prevent Cyberbullying

With easier internet accessibility, everyone is on the internet from adults to children. However, children are innocent and can easily fall prey to bullies who can make them do anything with a bit of manipulation. This feature of FamiSafe will inform you of any suspicious or inappropriate text your child may receive.

2.     Track-Real time location

This feature will help you be updated about your child’s location at all times. Once you have enabled the function you can warn your child to keep away from no-go areas in your absence.

3.     Set Geo-Fences

There are certain areas which you definitely don’t want your child going to in your absence. But children are curious by nature and will always attempt to do something they are stopped from doing. Using this app you can simply set some geo fences on those areas and if your child makes an attempt to go there in your absence you will be informed immediately

4.     Blocking applications

Nowadays there are multiple apps out there on the play store but all apps are not useful. Using this feature of the FamiSafe app you can simply block the applications you don’t want your child using or having access to

5.     Monitor App usage

Addiction to applications is a real thing and has led children to suicides. This feature of the

FamiSafe app helps the parents in keeping an eye on the amount of time your child spends on any app.  This would help parents in keeping their child safe from app addictions

6.     Screen time

Having too much screen time is bad for both children and adults. However children have a much greater effect, this feature of the FamiSafe app helps the parents set screen time for their children. You can set the time when the child would be able to use their phone and the time when the phone switches off itself.

7.     Block websites

There are all sorts of content on the internet and often things you would rather keep your child away from. This feature of FamiSafe app helps you keep those inappropriate websites blocked from your child’s phone.

What is the cost?

The FamiSafe app at first offers you a free three-day trial period after which you can subscribe to one of their subscriptions plans.

Here are some of their plans

●      Monthly

The monthly plan is offered to you at a price of $9.99 a month.

●      Annual

The annual plan is offered to you at a cost of $4.99 a month at the total cost of $59.99 annually.

●      Quarterly

If you subscribe to the quarterly plan then you have to pay $6.66 a month the total quarter bill would be $19.99.

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This parental app is designed keeping in mind the need of today’s parents and the dangers a child can fall into. The app helps keep the children safe and the parent’s mind at peace.

Hawwa Fazal, A journalist and a freelance content creator, on a quest to reach the top.