The next generation virtual marketplace – Eldorado


Eldorado has a team dedicated to helping you get a step forwards in a variety of games. Modern video games can be a huge time-sink, especially multiplayer games, which can make them difficult for many of us to enjoy.

Our lives are already busy without needing to put hundreds of hours into a game before we can even start to “play” it.

The Eldorado solution is to farm the goods and sell them to players who lack the time to invest 50+ hours into a game just to get started. This is done directly through the users account so there’s no need for lots of fuss. So, it’s a simple solution to something that has become an increasingly large problem for gamers. Getting to experience games shouldn’t mean players need to give up more of what little free time they have to enjoy!

Players who have the time to grind up items and currency can also sell their excess through Eldorado too. It works as a market place for sellers and buyers to get the in-game items and money they need.

How does Eldorado work?

Using the website is pretty straight forwards, just find the game you play and browse for the item or currency you want! Once you’ve found what you need, Eldorado will automatically show you the best offer based on different categories such as price and feedback for that seller. It ensures you see the best offers first then you can adjust things as you need so you can find the perfect seller according to your needs.

Things like price, quantity and delivery time do vary according to sellers so be sure to check and see which one is perfect for your needs. The Eldorado team always does its best to make sure the top sellers are listed at the best offer but sometimes it might not suit exactly what you need since you might need it faster and be willing to pay more in that case. So, the system is adjustable to the users own personal needs.

After making the order, just go through the Delivery Methods with that seller using the Live Chat system on the website. The seller will talk you through it all so you can launch the game and get the item or currency as agreed with the seller. If a problem ever occurs, the Eldorado team is around to help just be clicking the “Raise a Dispute” button.

It works the same for sellers too! Just bring up the Live Chat to arrange the delivery of the in-game goodies, send them over and wait for the buyer to mark the “Received Item” box. They will leave some feedback as well, just like on other marketplaces, to help boost your rating and credibility as a seller. The TradeShield system works to protect both parties during exchanges and is the reason why dealings on the Eldorado are safe for all.

What is TradeShield?

Eldorado offers full protection to buyers and sellers who trade through the website. This is thanks to the TradeShield which deals with fraud for both sides. It ensures that both sellers and buyers are protected from those who may try to scam them out of money or goods.

Once a payment has been made, Eldorado actually holds onto it until the item is marked as delivered without any complaints being made. If there are any problems then the buyer can raise a dispute to resolve the issues between them and the seller or they can request a refund instead.

It’s not balanced against sellers however, the TradeShield also protects sellers from attempted fraud and chargebacks. Eldorado takes total responsibility for the entire selling and buying processes on the marketplace so the TradeShield is in effect for every transaction without additional fee. With the TradeShield system, sellers will always get their payments for sales.

In addition to this, the seller is able to cancel an order at any time so that the buyer receives a full refund. This is a good method to cancelling orders instead of requiring the buyer to go through the method of raising a dispute with the seller which will alert the staff. The dispute will be reviewed and order cancelled if it fits certain requirements. So, cancelling the order just gives the seller a lot more power to end exchanges they are unhappy with.

Why choose Eldorado instead of another website?

TradeShield is a fantastic system that promises to keep all exchanges on the marketplace safe for both buyers and sellers. This is something that other in-game marketplace websites can sometimes lack and even if there are stronger protections in place, they generally only focus on the buyer. Eldorado means that everyone will be safe during trades and the site alo has added protection by allowing users to verify themselves through ID verification.

They can upload a government issues ID document which the Eldorado team team checks carefully to ensure they pass through security checks.

Passing these will give them a green shield icons next to their username so you can be confident this person is a legitimate seller or buyer. Not to mention that the quality of service and delivery speed of the virtual goods is just phenomenal!

How can I help myself in-game?

Purchasing items or currency through Eldorado is obviously the fastest way to get the goods in a game. For those who want to earn some things themselves because they have the free time or maybe need some advice for grinding, the website does also have some articles for different games that will help. They explain different parts of games so you can gather Warframe Platinum quickly yourself, find good World of Warcraft gold farming spots and work out which are the most profitable items in the game to look out for.

Eldorado aims to help players in as many ways as possible. Whether it be getting in-game goods quickly to get ahead in the game, or finding the best ways to collect things to sell to others. With Eldorado, your time is always valued.