The mutual psychology of business and romance

business of romance

On the surface, they are probably very few phenomena that seem as contrasting as romance and business.

In fact, apart from apples and oranges, there’s probably no other saying as common in describing two completely different scenarios as these two words.

For instance, one (business) is considered a very serious affair, while the other (romance) is considered something that should be taken as jovially and light-heartedly as possible. And of course, the objective of romance is fun, while the objective of a business is to get tangible, objective results.

And thus the saying: never mix business with pleasure. But are these two phenomena as different as they’re often portrayed? Is there really no similarities between them? Well, of course not.

We’ll have you know, business and romance do have more in common than they let on. The underlying psychology of both, in fact, is not so different. To get down to business (pun intended), we list below four mutual psychologies of romance and dating.


The very first major mutual psychology of romance and business is trust. This is the bedrock of success in both endeavours. First of all, you can not even start to dream of being successful in a romantic relationship without trusting your partner. As experts will tell you, the absence of trust in a relationship is an absolute recipe for disaster.

And the same goes for businesses too. This is because the underlying principle of any business is also relationships. Sure, the kind of relationship we’re talking about in this sense is not romantic. It is more serious, but it also requires just as much trust. Without trust, neither businesses not romance can survive.


Another common psychology between romance and business is the need for risk-taking. And this is somehow connected to the first point above – trust. Because as mentioned earlier, without trust no business or romance can survive.

But trust is not an easy thing to give out.

Either in business or relationship, you don’t just trust someone out of the blue. They have to earn it. Most of the time, though, in both scenarios there is never enough time for people to earn each other’s trust the right way. Which is why the need arises to take a risk.

You have to choose to have faith in people and put either your heart (in romance) or your money (in business) on the line.

Changes & Technology

Whether you’re making use of an awesome free dating app, or a new forecast algorithm, the need to employ technology and adapt to changes is common to both romance and business.

Without this adaptation, really neither of them can survive. And it’s not just technology alone, but also other factors such as a new method of doing things, new studies, and new environments. In short, change is constant, and both businesses and romantic relationships must adapt to it.

End Result

The final similarity we’re going to make mention of is the end result. Which, simply put, it is saying that in both romance and businesses, the objective is to have a desirable end result.

Sure, in romance the end result is a lifetime of happiness and fulfilment, and in business, one might say the end result is more material. But why do we want to have these material things? Is it not so that we can have a lifetime of happiness and fulfilment?


So it is clear now that even though they operate via different mechanisms, and their objectives may seem different on the surface, really, business and romance are not so different. They both require trust, risk-taking, adaptation, and their end result is always happiness and fulfilment.