The most interesting Altcoins to trade in March 2021


Altcoins are digital currencies that offer options to Bitcoin, which is the dominant crypto in the industry.

Earlier in 2017, Altcoins initially consisted of Bitcoin rivals, for instance, Dogecoin and Litecoin. However, advancement in Decentralized finance and large-scale adoption of smart contacts enabled large global companies within the Blockchain world to launch various Altcoins.

These Blockchain companies create digital coins and offer them within their platforms for their user-base. When the platforms demonstrate significant potential and many customers start to take advantage of them, they are inclined to acquire these coins. This pushes the value of digital currencies to surge.

Let’s have a closer view of the best Altcoins to trade.


Ethereum ranks among the most interesting Altcoins because of its large market cap that comes second to Bitcoin. Ethereum is a decentralized network that facilitates the establishment of Decentralized apps and smart contracts and works effectively without hoax or meddling by third parties. One objective in particular for Ethereum is to develop a Decentralized space for financial services where people from all corners of the world can use the network. However, this feature has enormous impacts on people, especially within countries that lack fundamental infrastructure, state-issued IDs, and access to the banking industry.

Ethereum transactions are executed via its cryptographic coin Ether that is instrumental for maneuvering within the Ethereum platform. Moreover, Ether is utilized by creators who seek to develop and perform transactions within the Ethereum network or by traders seeking to acquire cryptocurrencies. Ether hit the market in 2015 and has rapidly grown with a market cap of 207.79 billion as of 16 March 2021, while each coin is trading at $1,789.84.

Ethereum has taken the initiative to modify its consensus algorithm to proof-of-stake during 2021, a strategy that aims to enable the network to execute speedy transactions with low energy consumption. In addition, the proof-of-stake enables other network contributors to invest their coin within the network, which helps boost the network security and execute the emerging transactions. These network contributors receive an Ether like Bitcoin miners receive a Bitcoin for executing transactions.

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Litecoin is one of the digital coins that has closely tracked the path of Bitcoin since its development in 2011 by Charlie Lee. Many analysts term the coin the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Litecoin makes fair use of proof-of-work termed scrypt while facilitating international payments autonomously or without interference from any central government.

Despite Litecoin appearing comparable to Bitcoin on many fronts, the Litecoin network has recorded quicker transactions. Apart from various developers, many people from all corners of the world adopt Litecoin as a means of international payments.

Currently, Litecoin has a market cap of $13,536,152,621, while each coin is trading at $202.37 as of this writing.


Cardano is a digital currency developed by research-driven cryptography analysts and computer engineers. Charles Hoskinson also co-developed the Cardano network and doubles among the Ethereum primal creators. However, Hoskinson’s role at Ethereum came to a halt following disputes and differences on Ethereum’s future strategy and opted to develop the Cardano project.

The underlying group of developers built Cardano’s Blockchain via a wide range of tests and expert evaluation research. In addition, these researchers have documented significant info on Blockchain tech that consists of various topics and has been essential for the Cardano project.

Many analysts consider Cardano as a great competitor of Ethereum because of its robust Blockchain in place. Although Cardano is at the initial phase and has outperformed Ethereum based on a proof-of-work consensus model, the digital coin is yet to achieve significant milestones on DeFi usage.

One objective for Cardano is to build an international financial ecosystem by producing Defi products equivalent to Ethereum and address various issues such as fraudulent schemes. Each Cardano is trading at $1.32 as of 19 March 2021.


Polkadot is an exceptional crypto that seeks to execute operational compatibility within several Blockchains. Polkadot protocol is intended to create interconnectedness between several Blockchains, including oracles enabling systems to team up within a single spot.

Among the fundamental aspects is that the Polkadot relay chain enables conformity of distinct networks. Moreover, it enables the applications of corresponding Blockchains together with their inherent tokens.

One factor that makes the Polkadot system different from an Ethereum-based system is that the underlying developers can build a personal Blockchain depending on the Polkadot chain’s security. Although Ethereum-based developers can build novel Blockchains, they have to establish security protocols that can make existing and forthcoming projects prone to cyber threats. This notion is termed as shared security within the Polkadot space.

Polkadot, developed by Gavin Wood, has emerged as one of the coins with high potential within the crypto industry, and one Polkadot is trading at $37.66 as of this writing.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash has positioned itself as one of the renowned Altcoins in the industry since its initial and thriving hard folks for Bitcoin. Simply put, a fork happens within the crypto sector if there is a controversy between miners and developers. In the view of decentralized aspects for various cryptos, significant adjustments to the code for a coin have to be executed through popular opinion, which can differ as per the digital coin.

If the opposing parties cannot arrive at a consensus, the digital coin may be divided into two. This means that the initial chain tracts the source code while the other chain begins a journey as the modified version for the initial coin with precise adjustments.

Therefore, Bitcoin Cash hit the market in 2017, arising from the split of the initial coin. Several controversies, such as scalability, played a significant part in the emergence of Bitcoin Cash. Currently, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $535.67 as of this writing.


Many Altcoins within the indury indicate significant potential as alternative means to create an income flow. However, relying on regulated platforms to trade these digital coins is considered a wise move.