The latest innovations in working remotely

Working from home

From software to hardware to everything in-between, new innovative ideas are flooding the market to assist people with what has become a new way of operating.

People are working remotely more than ever before, and these are a few things that have been making a difference in our virtual lives.


According to Wired, the perfect solution to working from home is all about the set up. These are some of their must haves to make your home office a place of work, concentration and productivity:

  1. A great desk with a laptop stand: A workstation starts with a good desk, and sometimes that means one that can convert into a standing desk so that you’re not sitting all day. A laptop stand will help add stability wherever you are – desk or couch, if you need a change of scenery.
  2. Relaxing chairs: No workstation is complete without a comfortable chair to relax into. Spending hours at your desk is not unheard of so make sure you’re looking after your body to keep your mind strong.
  3. It’s a hands-on type of situation: A good keyboard with a wrist rest can be so useful when you’re typing all day. To go with it, a mouse and mousepad can make your workspace seem less cramped if you’re on a laptop. A mouse is more ergonomic than a trackpad and can help if you’re dealing with wrist pain.
  4. It’s all about connecting: A good pair of headphones can tune the world out however, if you live alone, a decent set of speakers will do the job while you get on with your work. A webcam and microphone are a must have if you’re on a desktop and video calling often.


There has been a massive increase in software development in the last few months elevating our digital experience and allowing an enhancement of workflow and remote working like never before. Here are some software programs helping companies and individuals connect from all corners of the world.

  1. Project management software: A project management tool is the lifeblood of employees working remotely. It helps virtual teams effectively organise and manage tasks. From planning to collaboration tools, they incredibly useful for visualising the scope of a project and achieving work goals faster.
  2. Communication tools: Being able to connect to your co-workers, clients and teams virtually is so important. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing software that allows clear and constant communication between people to discuss tasks and projects in real time regardless of location. This includes web conferencing tools specifically designed for online meetings and provide advanced features like desktop sharing and scheduling options.
  3. Document collaboration tools: These tools can help remote workers organize all of their files and data in one place and provide around-the-clock access to documents from anywhere. They also allow you to view, edit, and work simultaneously on the same documents without emailing them to each other all day.
  4. Time management tools: Good time management is crucial for remote workers. By using a time tracker and a planner, your team can keep tasks on track and avoid missing deadlines.


If you’ve tried everything from desktop organisers to the latest in software solutions and still don’t have enough hours in the day, a new trending solution is to use a virtual assistant service that can alleviate some of your workload. If you consider your most valuable asset to be time, then a virtual assistant could be exactly what you need to take the pressure off.

According to an article on, four primary advantages are listed in favour of hiring a virtual assistant:

  1. Experience at your fingertips: Most virtual assistants, especially if hired from a reputable company, like AVirtual, will have experience in varied fields and have the ability to work with different types of companies and performing different types of tasks, adapting to new environments with ease.
  2. Space is not an issue: Having an online personal assistant simply means that you do not need to alter your company’s physical makeup in any way. Being digitally connected, you can work with your assistant from anywhere in the world and still be connected effectively.
  3. Saving you time and money: Although necessary, some tasks are time-consuming, and some tasks are temporary, making a virtual assistant your ideal solution. VA’s can be employed on an hourly rate, project basis or full time depending on your specific requirements.
  4. Increased productivity and customer satisfaction: You can ensure that your clients are well taken care of by ensuring that their needs and queries are seen to with timely responses. A virtual assistant would not only be able to take on this responsibility, but also allow you to get on with other work.

Whether your home will become your permanent workspace or just a temporary solution to a current situation, there are some definite pros to having the right systems, processes, people and technologies in place to help you work successfully and effectively from wherever you are.