The key to online success when selling concert tickets

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, one of the acts featuring in the concerts

While many of us would be forced to head to physical retail locations such as TicketMaster in the past if we hope to experience a live concert or musical, times have changed.

The majority of vendors have now taken to the online community in order to more effectively present their promotions to the general public. Although larger portals may appear to take the lion’s share of sales, there is no reason why individual entrepreneurs cannot enjoy their own piece of the pie.  However, the ability to sell concert tickets with any degree of success will require a game plan as well as a significant amount of insight.  Let’s break this concept down into a handful of key points in order the emphasise the options and strategies that should be employed.

All About the Virtual Interface

The world of e-commerce is naturally involved with generating a higher return on investment through the use of bespoke and modern platforms.  However, the needs of the end user will always need to be taken into account.  This begins and end with the appearance of the website or portal in question.  The simple fact is that the average consumer should be able to find whatever he or she is looking for in a matter of seconds.  Some of the hallmarks of an efficient online ticket vendor include qualities such as:

– Ease of navigation

– Streamlined payment methods

– Secure electronic transactions

– Hassle-free purchases

– Customer support if a question arises

– Clear return policies

One-click purchases will help to boost your online sales and if clients like the first experience, the chances are high that they will return to your services for future purchases.  This is why the appearance of your page should always match the branding of your business.  Such a sense of uniformity helps to exude a sense of professionalism.  It will also make the site itself more memorable than generic or “cookie cutter” templates. 

The Proper Marketing Techniques

Selling online concert tickets is all about knowing the interests of your audience.  This will take time to develop and yet, you can still begin by employing a handful of powerful marketing techniques.  Always remember that visitors will never utilise the services within your website if they are unaware of its existence.  Make sure that your presence is known.  Leverage the power of blogs, social media campaigns, image-intensive websites such as Instagram and word of mouth.  This approach is known as cross-channel marketing and it can work wonders for portals which have just come into existence.

The good news is that you no longer have to address such tasks with no support.  Shopify has engineered a cloud-based e-commerce platform which is able to tackle numerous online retail intentions (including ticket sales). You are provided with a host of user-friendly tools and as a result, you can return your focus to sales and marketing as opposed to becoming bogged down in technical details.