The importance of graphic designs in business

Web design

Have you ever been on a website and found yourself completely lost? Unfortunately, you aren’t alone. People go onto websites and immediately leave because they have not been convinced that it will get better.

For business owners, this creates a high bounce rate for their site and less attention paid to their brand. Don’t be fooled by the clever name, a high bounce rate is devastating to business owners.

The use of graphic designs and “the 15-second rule” come in handy when looking to upgrade a business’s website. This rule implies that if someone goes onto a website and is not engaged within the first 15 seconds, they will likely leave and never come back. You might as well advertise for your competitor.

What are Graphic Designs?

The visual content that goes on a website, communicating with the people who visit is the graphic design. This visual content is created by a professional (in most circumstances). It communicates a message to the page’s visitor without using verbal queues. Many of these designs are created to optimize the visitor’s experience and uses interactive designs to engage them.

The First Impression Matters

Like we already covered, you have 15 seconds to grab the visitors on your webpage and keep them there. Since you can’t physically reach out and make them look at your site, you have to rely on other ways to make them interested. Graphic designs are the best way to captivate an audience and keep them interested in your offering.

Graphic designs aren’t just limited to your business’s website. You still have promotional materials, presentations, posters, social media flyers, and any other place your logo might be featured. You have to make that first impression matter.

Keep it Consistent

Once you pick the graphic designs that you think will engage your audience, it is important to remain consistent with your use of those graphics throughout your branded campaign. You will only confuse people if your logo is in five different shapes, sizes, and colors. They won’t know that they are looking at the same business. The lack of consistency in your graphic designs is likely to increase your bounce rate, which is not good for your business.

People Like Pictures (and Infographics)

What to get your point across in under 15 seconds? Use graphic designs, especially infographics. Infographics are most likely to be shared on social media than other media types or artwork in a business setting. Images are more captivating to the eyes and the mind. That makes graphic designs and infographics one way of getting the message across loud and clear to those visiting your site or social media page.

Creativity Provides Businesses with Advantages Over the Competition

If you want your business to stand out from the competition, your graphic designs have to do just that – stand out. If they are similar to your competitor’s graphic designs or don’t engage people in quite the same way, you are giving them the advantage.

Visual content should send a clear message to your visitors. In other words, you should only use the graphic designs that pertain to your business, not choose them based on how neat they look. For example, if you own a muffin shop, you shouldn’t use a cupcake graphic design for advertising if you do not offer them. Stick with the muffin – visitors will thank you.

Customizable Online Graphic Design Templates

A part of picking the best graphic designs for your business is thinking about the audience you want to captivate. It is highly unlikely that you will please everyone, so stick to those audience members who get the most out of your product, service, or content.

Here is an online graphic design maker, which can expand your current visual content, by doing the actual design work. The templates are available for social media flyers, promotional event materials, posters, reports, presentations, and more. Using template packs offer various scenes and sizes, with pristine graphics to cater to almost every audience imaginable. Overcome the 15-second obstacle by using reputable graphic design software for your business.