The impact of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation on the world

ICM school at Christmas

Having the vision to act on your dreams for a brighter global future takes courage and determination. Through his NGO’s Chris Oyakhilome is actualizing that dream.

Changing the world for better is something we all want to see. We often look to inspirational leaders for relevant solutions to change the prospects of the neglected and forgotten citizens of the world. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) has identified different areas that need investment and development.

COFI is an NGO that works in line with the United Nations goals for sustainable development and each area needs grassroots participation to succeed. Goal 17 is working in partnership for long term success. Each division of COFI works towards many of these goals. At the heart of COFI, the elimination of hunger and access to medical and healthcare are the basis for empowering society. To build a strong society COFI invests in education and leadership so all programs are effective in the long term.

COFI responds to crisis

The prompt response to both natural and man-made disasters provide relief and comfort to the victims. COFI’s sponsored partners provided medical services, food, clean drinking water, clothing, and blankets, as well as personal hygiene products during floods that devastated Niger state. A state of emergency was declared in Nigeria over floods. The natural disaster has affected more than half a million Nigerians with homes and farmlands completely washed away.

Member agencies of COFI met Deputy Governor, Alhaji Mohammed Ketso. They focused on the rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts of the government and the areas of need where humanitarian organizations like COFI can assist in rebuilding the lives of the people that have been affected by the disaster. The Hope Relief Mission Project began in Niger State and has had provided immediate relief and a hopeful future. This is a partnership that is an enduring bond.

Sustainable development goals two and three at the Inner-City Mission.

A Christmas performance at one the Inner-City Mission’s schools

The powerful moniker ‘Every Child Is Your Child’ is taken into the hearts and minds of everyone who sees the impact of this branch of COFI. If you value every life, then you will not want to see a child go hungry. Some 51 million meals were distributed in 2019. The aim is to distribute 100 million meals in 2020. Zero hunger is the goal.

Opening ceremony in Yola

In providing food and meals to indigent children the Inner-City Mission can then begin its task of providing education for some of the millions of children who do not go to school. In 2020 this NGO aims to send 100,000 children back to school.

The ‘Back To School’ campaign is reducing the number of children not attending school in Nigeria and around the world. With partnership support, the Inner-City Mission can reach its goal of providing sustainable education for 100,000 children throughout Nigeria and South Sudan. With positive partnerships, children not only receive a proper education but are set up with all the tools they’ll need to succeed. Every child sponsored through this initiative receives school uniforms, a school bag, shoes, and school books. Quality education is the goal.

Universal health care for all

The United Nations wishes to achieve universal access to health care as defined by sustainable goal four. The activities of the Trauma Care International Foundation (TCIF) go a long way to meeting the United Nations’ aim of improving global access to Universal Health Cover. This NGO has been awarded consultative status at the UN and participated in a high-level meeting in September. This outstanding achievement will have an effect in 2020.

Medical missions to areas in need

COFI has two partner organizations that provide medical relief, services and training in areas where this is very limited. TCIF provides free health care to some of the poorest areas and will help it build a sustainable network of healthcare services. Through training and partnerships, there have been notable achievements. From eye examinations to blood drives a multitude of needs have been met. Good health and well-being is the goal.

Working with the Volunteer Medical Corps these skilled medical practitioners can work together and offer services to build a stable future. When called to action the response is astounding. In fact, it is record-breaking. At a blood drive in Lagos, Nigeria a record amount of people signed up in eight hours. It was recorded as a Guinness World Record as 3,410 people who signed up in multiple locations.

Amazing achievements through partnerships

The opening ceremony of the medical center in Yola, Nigeria.

This year COFI marked a groundbreaking achievement. A new school and health care center were commissioned in Yola, North-East, Nigeria. This state-of-the-art school will offer education to many children who have had their education halted as a result of insurgency. COFI addressed long-term medical needs in Northern Nigeria as well as improving early childhood development. TCIF  in line with sustainable development goal three offers free access to emergency medical care, immunizations, antenatal services, community health education programs at the newly commissioned Health Centrein Yola, North-East Nigeria.

Supporting the leaders of the future

The future is now according to the ‘Future Africa Leaders Foundation'(FALF). With the vision of Chris Oyakhilome FALF is ensuring that the leaders of Africa are able to begin impacting their communities and developing a brighter future.

The impact of FALF is immense. It is a network of inspired young people who love their country and locality so much that they dedicate their time and energy to improving the lives of all who live in its midst. They say “if your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, learn more and become more, then you are a leader.” The leadership of the youth is the most passionate and impactful.

In September the ‘Emerging Young African Leaders’ Summit’ took place at the Digital Bridge Institute in Lagos, Nigeria. ‘Fostering Innovative Growth in Africa’ was the theme. Attendees learned from the very best innovators and visionaries about the future development of Africa. This creates an energizing atmosphere. This type of event encourages these future leaders to continue meeting their goals.

The annual award ceremony known as the ‘Future African Leaders Awards’ acknowledges the achievements of young Africans who have impacted their communities positively. This is a celebration that is unmissable as the hopes and dreams of a brighter future for Africa is being built right as we speak. They lead educations programs, medical outreaches, business training, and food drives all in conjunction with agencies and partnerships. These young people see a need in their community and are guided and mentored so they bring their solutions to fruition.

As 2019 draws to a close COFI has been thanking its partners and sponsor for their unwavering support. The impact will continue into 2020 and beyond. COFI and its members will not cease toiling until all the sustainable development goals of the UN are met. With the vision, care, compassion of Chris Oyakhilome we can work in partnership to actualize this goal.