The Fitness Group Grows with 10 New UK Training Centres 

The Fitness Group says new training centres will enable students to enjoy a more immersive experience, preparing them for careers at top gyms nationwide.

The Fitness Group, one of the UK’s leading personal trainer course providers, will open ten new training venues in 2024 to attract keen professionals looking to enhance their careers.

Whilst 95% of learners choose to study online in 2023, The Fitness group’s industry-leading tutor support and learning platform means there has been a gradual rise in learners looking for in-person support towards the end of 2023. Learners can study from anywhere in the world to gain their qualifications, the support is flexible, and there is always an expert tutor on hand. Now, the company wants to expand its offering beyond the digital into the physical realm, bringing its unique formula to more people.

The Fitness Group will continue to offer a broad selection of professional accreditation channels to students, including becoming a personal trainer, fitness instructor, or sports massage therapist. The outfit hopes the new centres will offer a vibrant, welcoming environment, encouraging superior learning experiences for those who prefer to get hands-on.

“These new openings will allow us to be physically present while our students master their skills,” The Fitness Group says. “Expert tutors will be on hand to provide practical instruction to those who attend the course in person, enabling a sense of community and inclusion.”

The new training centres will also help students gain more applicable and social skills associated with careers in fitness. Candidates will feel prepared for the job market once they graduate, already having the skills they need to thrive with clients as they work.

Students will also gain an opportunity to network with other fitness enthusiasts on the course, building relationships and lasting connections. Students can offer support and guidance to each other and feel less alone during the educational experience.

As one of the leading personal trainer course providers, The Fitness Group asserts that students can learn at their own pace full- or part-time, whether they choose to learn at a specific location or online. Blended learning options are also available to those who want a more flexible, hybrid approach.

The Booming Fitness Industry

The fact that The Fitness Group is opening ten new locations this year is a testament to the staggering growth of the fitness industry in recent years. Data from the UK suggest that the sector employs more than 193,000 people, with 70,000 of those being fitness instructors. The number of personal trainers is also growing, forging an industry worth more than £635 million in 2022, up significantly since 2011 and rebounding strongly since the pandemic. Interestingly, most of these are in the South East and London, explaining why The Fitness Group is keen to open new locations in the area.

Courses Available At The New Locations

Those already interested in training in the capital are in luck. New venues include The Fitness Group’s London personal training course locations where students can obtain a Level 3 qualification, face-to-face or online, led by expert tutors. Existing venues include North London, Watford, Islington, and London City Centre, offering convenience to students across the region.

However, even those far from the capital can benefit from the brand’s extensive course options. Classes include Level 2 gym instructor, Level 3 and 4 sports massage, Level 2 kettlebells, various TRX qualifications, Level 2 indoor cycling instructor, and Level 4 strength and conditioning courses.

“We offer a range of personal training, fitness, and massage courses designed to meet the needs of beginners and those already coming from existing careers,” The Fitness Group says. “Those without prior experience can kickstart their careers by hopping onto one of our Level 2 Gym Instructor qualifications or beginning a Level 3 Personal Training Course program. These give trainees a varied skill set and broaden career opportunities when looking for work.”

Choosing The Fitness Group Education

In opening these ten new locations, The Fitness Group is sending a clear signal to anyone wanting to start a career in the fitness industry. The brand’s online success is enabling it to invest in brick-and-mortar facilities to make education more immersive and visceral.

The company is also promising unmatched support via its award-winning tutors. Team members are passionate about helping candidates succeed, offering feedback, ongoing support, and personalised guidance throughout the curriculum.

The Fitness Group also offers students flexible learning around their busy lives and schedules. “We understand that life can get busy, especially if candidates are already working careers,” the outfit says. “That’s why we wanted to build out our locations to complement the online support we already offer. Building learning experiences around students’ schedules is good for business and also improves the overall experience.”

The Fitness Group already has a proven track record of educating fitness professionals and enabling them to achieve their goals. Once they finish, many students launch remarkable, high-flying careers that provide meaning, purpose, and fulfilment.

Active IQ, the UK’s leading awarding body, certifies all The Fitness Group’s gym and personal training courses. All reach CIMSPA and UK Active Standards, making them even more transferable. As such, the training organisation is a feeder to some of the most successful gym brands in the country. It works with The Gym Group, Puregym, JD Gyms and others. It also maintains active relationships with the Ministry of Defence, CIMSPA, and Ofqual to improve performance, authority, and legitimacy.

Face-to-Face Versus Online Study

The face-to-face study options made possible by the new locations will differ significantly from online study courses, according to The Fitness Group. Online offers uncapped expert tutor support, while face-to-face will involve more interactive classroom lectures. Learners must choose specified course dates and accumulate the necessary learning material on day one (instead of having it drip-fed over a semester online).

The examination process is also different. The Fitness Group will perform theory and practical assessments in person for on-site students while offering video exams for those who want to study online.