Three simple tips for streamlining your business processes in order to reach a higher efficiency.

Most business owners start their business and help it thrive over time. While many business processes can be dealt with easily and in a matter of little time at the beginning of the journey, things become different as the company grows. In order to be able to focus on your core business, it’s essential to streamline your processes.

Streamlining can be challenging, as it goes hand in hand with defining single processes and checking them for improvement potential. But the investment of time and sometimes money pays off: The smoother your processes run, the more efficient the business. Try these easy tips in order to streamline the processes, which cost you a lot of time and money each month due to their current inefficiency.

Roster Plans

Businesses in the field of handcraft, industry, service and gastronomy are usually based on shift operation. The process of giving out roster plans can be extremely challenging because there are a lot of factors to consider: working hours per employee, shift preferences due to individual reasons, absences due to illness, leave days, regulations concerning employee pregnancy, maternity leave, stand-in matrices…

It’s easy to lose track of who’s available when. That’s why it can take a lot of time to find a roster plan that everyone is happy with and that doesn´t counteract with your business goals. So instead of trying to figure it all out manually, shift the process to doing rota staff management online.

The Papershift staff management software and roster app can help you simplify the process. All you need to do is feed the software all relevant information and let it do its job. You can decide whether your employees will be able to apply or even assign themselves for shifts. The software also keeps track of working hours, leave days and other factors, which have an impact on the shift plan. That means it can save you a lot of time each month.

ERP Systems

The rota management software was a good example of how digitization can help you streamline your business processes. But there are many other fields of application for digitization. Companies with warehousing that work in the field of trade or production should invest in a simple ERP system as soon as the procurement of goods starts to become time-consuming.

You can book your incoming goods directly into your system and book them out of it as soon as they’re being taken out for production or when they’re sold. That doesn’t just save you a lot of time whenever new goods arrive or leave your premises, but also helps with accuracy.

Accuracy of data is crucial for the efficiency of your business. When it comes to goods, that’s why businesses are obliged to do a full stocktaking of their belongings. A good ERP software can help you simplify the process.

In-House Communication

The pandemic has taught us that there should always be alternative ways of drumming up your team for meetings and the like. Alternative ways of communication can work wonders in a normal business environment as well.

Finding new ways of reaching the ones you need to address with a certain topic can improve your efficiency. Also, remote meetings and hybrid work save you and your employees time. Nobody needs to drop what they’re doing in order to get to the meeting room in time. Nobody needs to prepare coffee, soft drinks and other kinds of supplies for your crew. Instead, everyone gets to sit at their own desk and can participate. Again, digitization is the key. But as most companies already needed to find new channels of communication due to the pandemic, it should be easy enough to completely switch to them.

Keep it Easy

There is no need to roll up the complete field from behind. But if you manage to identify certain interfaces and processes, which slow down your business efficiency, you should find new approaches to those.