The Davinci IQ review


Davinci vaporizers have been a name to look out for in the world of vaping ever since they arrived on the scene in 2012 with their first vaporizer – the Davinci vaporizer.

This was followed towards the end of 2103 with the Ascent, and now, their latest offering – the Davinci IQ, launched in 2016, has a few tweaks this year to make it even better. Davinci, a US based company, just keep outdoing themselves with each vaporizer that they launch, the IQ being the perfect example of this. So, what makes the Davinci IQ such a great choice when it comes to dry herb vaporizers?

Davinci IQ

Size wise, the Davinci IQ can give some of its market competitors a real run for their money. Sure, it’s a little heavier than the Davinci MIQRO, which it is the predecessor of, but it still has the distinct advantage of being a shorter sized vaporizer which means that it can be completely concealed in the palm of your hand, making it a very discreet vaporizer.

And when it comes to design, Davinci vaporizers have gone all out. The IQ has a Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece, oven and vapour path. For anyone who has tried the Davinci Ascent, this is certainly something of an upgrade from the glass vapour path which caused a few issues with its easy breakability and repair costs.

These are problems however that you shouldn’t encounter with the IQ, as zirconia ceramic is one of the most robust ceramics out there.

This really is a very durable vaporizer, both inside and out. The Davinci IQ is solid to hold and quite honestly that little bit of extra weight isn’t a bad thing, as it is probably down to the use of ceramics which, of course, make it more durable.

This is a very stunning vaporizer to look at as well with its brushed aluminium exterior. Oh, and if you are particular about the colour of your vaporizer then it can be purchased in a variety of colours (Black, gunmetal, blue and limited-edition olive). Overall, this is a great sized discreet vaporizer that can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag yet looks good – and, most importantly, performs well.


The use of zirconia ceramic for the mouthpiece, oven and vapor path of the IQ really helps to revolutionize the quality of the flavour that you get. Davinci have added a clever little glossy ceramic ball inside the over lid, which they state will help to reflect the heat inside the chamber of the vaporizer allowing the buds to vaporize more evenly.

The IQ uses 360º Conduction and the initial heating takes just 16 seconds. At lower temperatures the user is offered a more flavourful experience and an increase in the heat will see you rewarded with a better production on vapour, but a decrease in the flavour. Fortunately, the Davinci has inbuilt Smart Path technology which can help with this issue – you can start your session on a lower temperature and then slowly increase it.

Smart Path Technology

The IQ offers a choice of four different Smart Paths. Each one starts on the chosen minimum temperature and then over the course of a 10-minute period the temperature increases at a steady rate until it reaches the chosen maximum temperature. The four paths are:

  • 351 – 370 ℉
  • 370 – 390 ℉
  • 390 – 410 ℉
  • 410 – 430

All of these options are available through the vaporizer itself but can also be found using the Davinci IQ smartphone app, where they are fully customizable. For those people who know what they like and have preferred temperatures this is really good news. This is one vaporizer that uses its tech very well indeed, so is well worth consideration.

Battery and charging

The IQ has a 90-minute battery life, give or take. It can be charged using USB and this takes approximately 2 hours. The great news, and something that all vape users want to hear, is that the Davinci IQ has the option to replace a battery. As the battery is often the first thing to go, this is fantastic news. The unit comes with a 3500 mAh 18650 battery which is not only fully replaceable but is also rechargeable.


Of course, there are plenty of other dry herb vaporizers on the market at the moment, and at first glance the Davinci IQ might seem just that little bit more expensive, but it certainly has the features and the performance to justify its price tag.

If you are looking for a great vaping experience from a discrete, yet stunning, unit then the Davinci IQ really does tick all the boxes and with the extra durability provided by the use of ceramics and the 10 year manufacturers warranty this is an excellent buy.