The Brilliant Sales Expert & Business Consultant- Kieran Perry

Kieran Perry shares his knowledge and provide business advice and mentoring, to help startups, entrepreneurs, individuals and small businesses to think differently, identify and tackle barriers, prioritize tasks, and implement the right strategies.

His expert business consultancy provides ways to maximize efficiencies, create cost savings, increase sales and profitability.

He specializes in helping startups and small businesses as a Business Mentor UK in all sectors with sales advice, sales strategies, growth plans and customer base development.

He offers expert sales guidance on developing, launching, marketing and pricing new products and services.

He helps improve and focus sales ability, and teach new selling techniques, which enable companies and individuals to successfully sell more, and close profitable deals.

He specializes in helping businesses perform better, grow their sales and make more profit. HE am the author of the Sales Fix Formula book.

He can help and mentor you to take your product or service to market, increase your customer base, grow your brand and improve your sales.

He specializes in helping businesses perform better, grow their sales and make more profit. He can help you find the right sales strategy that works for your business.

Below are a few ways he can help you as a Sales Expert

  • Launching a product in the UK
  • How to increase sales and find customers
  • Product strategy
  • Website development and Google Ad marketing
  • Understanding and reaching buyers
  • Brand advice, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Licencing a product or getting a licencing deal
  • Retail, trade or wholesale pricing
  • How to get your business started
  • Selling online, SEO and website content advice
  • Social media marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • How to sell, where to sell
  • Finding the right sales agents and sales people
  • Business plans and marketing
  • How to close a sale

He offers a FREE 20 minute confidential telephone consultation – please call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how he can help your business.

Kieran Perry in Sales Training

Success in sales comes from implementing a series of straight forward and easy to use disciplines. As a successful sales trainer and Business Mentor UK, he can provide you with up to date sales training and explain the methodology to selling, helping to create lasting positive changes to your sales skills.

He is the founder of the “Sales Fix Formula” which is a sales training programme he created, that combines a unique set of elements that addresses all the possible problems you may face throughout the sales process and how to overcome them.