The booming era of delivery services amid the ongoing pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has upended lives and businesses throughout the world. What many things that everyone considered normal are now being challenged, and now people are finding that a new normal is being established that will likely define how we live for some time.

The changed world is one where personal contact is minimized and face to face contact is usually limited to those activities that cannot be conducted unless people are in direct contact.

With these realities understood, it is no surprise that the online sales of products have exploded. And unlike retail purchases where you pay for and take your purchases home with you, online purchases are delivered to your home. For everything from clothing, to food, to flower delivery using a home delivery option, is now the standard way that consumers are purchasing.  As a result, the home delivery services industry is booming. Uber, Lyft, Grab and several other smaller delivery companies have modified their business plans to include home delivery of products as a core business.

Here are a few reasons why this is occurring, and why it will continue.

The Pandemic Will Persist

What is apparent right now is that no one can tell exactly when the coronavirus pandemic will end. There have been guesses that it would wane during the warm months and this has not been the case. In fact many countries are seeing a huge surge in the virus cases in July and August. The virus will continue for an extended length of time and many are saying that even when and if a vaccine is created, the virus will still alter how people live their daily lives. With this being the case, home delivery of goods will continue to be one of the world’s fastest growing businesses. ,


One of the things that people knew but is becoming even more apparent is that having things delivered directly to you whether you are at home or work, is very convenient. Many people have used post office boxes to receive the products they brought online, but now they are using home delivery for perishable goods and for fast delivery. As they do, they discover that it beats going out of your home to get the things you want. Nearly any type of food can be delivered using a delivery service, and you can order from supermarkets and even home improvement stores that provide you with complete e-commerce catalogs of all of their goods.

And what you order is not delivered by student drivers who are habitually late, and have spilled your food or broken your stuff. Instead these are professional drivers who arrive on time and are completely trackable using a handy mobile app. You can pay right through the app and even include their tip.


Most people think that it must cost more to have things you order delivered to your home. The reality is however that because online products cost less due to not having to pay for retail pace and the typical costs of sales. So yes there is a small delivery fee, but the total cost is typically less.


One of the biggest benefits of using a delivery service is the safety of your family from the coronavirus. Because you do not ever have to make actual human contact, you can feel safe that you will not get infected. Whether it is a package or a meal you can have it delivered the way you like and clean it before touching it if that makes you feel safer. In addition, the companies that offer delivery are all insured and must put their delivery people through a set of standards to ensure they know how to deal with customers and are polite and respectful.

The vast majority of people now depend on products being delivered to them. Whether it is because it is the only option or because of the reasons mentioned here, people have now learned the benefits of home delivery. So next time you want flowers, food or bed sheets, try a service that delivers them to your door.