The best ways you can improve the layout of your office

Office layout

A good office to work in will improve the productivity of you and your staff massively.

The stress of work can be so much as people’s days are filled with information overload, rigorous deadlines and daily battles that put a huge strain on all employees and could effectively result in a diminish in the productivity of everyone.

By improving your office, you could not only increase the enjoyment of people working there but also increase productivity as a result. So, how do you do it? Well, here is a brief run-down of some of the best ways that you can improve the layout of your office.

Make Everything as Comfortable as Possible

Comfort is absolutely key when it comes to improving the layout of your office. You should let people organise their desks using the likes of family photos as a means to ensure that the space looks more homely and somewhere that they are comfortable working at. That personal touch can make getting the job done a lot easier.

You will also need some comfortable furniture and an inspiring space to work in. For this, consider using the services of interior designers, such as One Source Consulting, who are experts in office design. They will be able to improve the all-around layout of the office and also provide furniture that both looks great and is comfortable to work at.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Colour

People are going to go crazy if all they have to stare at all day is white walls. It’s for this reason that you should try something such as swapping out the dominant colour for something more reflective of a good mood. Colours are great forconnecting to our emotions, and as such, they should be used much more wisely throughout the entire space and applied accordingly, depending on what kind of atmosphere you are attempting to create.

Provide Proper Lighting and Illumination

The amount of light that we are exposed to can make or break our day. If the space you’re in is gloomy, then that can be massively detrimental to the mood of you and the people around you. Ensure you are using lights that really illuminate the room to boost the whole office’s energy and productivity levels. This is also a good way to ensure work is much easier to do.

Use Scents to Create a Positive Atmosphere

Sometimes, the office can give off a slightly unpleasant aroma as people move around throughout the day. If you stimulate people’s sense of smell with pleasant scents in the workplace, it can be another great way to increase the overall work performance. Recent studies have found aromas such as lavender, lemon and jasmine are really effective for stimulating the brain.


Your office and its layout will have an effect not only on how much your employees enjoy coming into work but also on the kind of work they will do as a result. To keep your staff’s energy levels up and improve productivity as much as possible, you should follow some of the above tips.