The best PipeDrive alternatives for your small business in 2020


CRM is an often used term that we all must have come across in some form or the other when we look for tools and techniques that will help us in furthering our digital footprint by many productive miles!

Before we familiarize you with PipeDrive and other such alternatives for your CRM platform of choice, we would like to talk about CRM in context of small business. What does CRM do for the small business?

Well, to begin with, CRM helps you in establishing an automated process that wont have you floundering or looking for help in your most crucial hours of growth. How does it do so? Whether you look at PipeDrive or its many alternatives, you will find that CRM is actually all about maintaining the information of your contacts and taking that information to turn it into milestones in your sales pipeline and task list that the same contains.

The CRM platform of your choice – whether it is a PipeDrive alternative or PipeDrive itself – should help you tap into a number of tools and techniques across which you are allowed to store and access information. There is usually a definite social media, email marketing and overall marketing automation element to PipeDrive and PipeDrive alternatives. This makes CRM a tool that each and every small business must have. With this kind of a tool, you get to be better organized when it comes to your team and the efforts of your team as well.

PipeDrive is a well known CRM software and platform is said to boost your sales by a whooping 28%. The alternative to PipeDrive has to be one that matches the same kind of effort that goes to secure such numbers. PipeDrive typically brings in tools like Lead management, speed of conversion or sales acceleration and finally conversions that lead to a loyal customer base with proper brand recall that happens with the wholesome efforts put in by the platform itself.

So here are the top 5 alternatives to PipeDrive and all that it has to offer:

  • EngageBay: Now, if you are looking for the full suite of services that will also help you tap into prospects from various remote locations even as you fulfill the basic functions that go into building a presence, then Engage Bay is the best Pipedrive alternative that you will find! With tools like lead management that includes engaging nurturing and well researched lead generation, you can be sure that will truly get the best prospects whom you can convert with the social media management, landing pages, email marketing, marketing automation and other tools offered by this platform.
  • Freshsales: This is another platform that brings in many services, yet it lacks the wholesome quality of the platform discussed above, which is Engage Bay. With Freshsales, what you get is a suite of tools and features that helps you in making calls and generating leads with emails. With its focussed approach, it helps you convert your prospects using simple tools like email which is the true extent of its limited features.
  • Vtiger: With Vtiger, you have yet another alternative to PipeDrive. Vtiger is best known for helping a number of small businesses with its data management and team collaboration efforts. Yet, it does not offer all the services that you would find with Engage Bay and also a platform like PipeDrive.
  • Apptivo: As one of the alternatives to PipeDrive, Apptivo is a well etched out and structured tool and platform that helps you in catering to a number of clients from a cloud based presence. This eliminates the need for buying storage which is a major investment saved for your small business!
  • Insightly: This is also a well known brand in the world which brings you a full suite of services that go from email to cloud based processes so that you can harness the benefit of generating and covering leads from a number of different sources. Yet, here too, one still feels the need for more wholesome services unlike EngageBay.

When you sign up with EngageBay, you get the complete experience for your CRM needs, which in turn helps you convert your prospects with ease and scale your business that much faster, thanks to the steady build up of loyal customers.