The Best Oakley Sunglasses for Every Sport

If there's one industry that continues to evolve, it's eyewear.

If there’s one industry that continues to evolve, it’s eyewear.

Nowadays, companies are using cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of more than 59% of Brits who wear glasses.

Do you have a complex vision prescription but don’t want the heavy glasses traditionally prescribed? Do you use high-index lenses, which are thinner and more lightweight than regular lenses? Do you want to make your morning walk to work more productive? Why not try augmented reality glasses to access the internet, send messages, and make calls without taking out your phone?

These same exciting developments extend into performance eyewear, with industry leaders like Oakley constantly introducing new innovations for athletes who want to make the most out of their eyewear. The sports brand is best known for performance sunglasses that feature the latest technologies capable of protecting the eyes while enhancing athletic performance. Each pair has durable, lightweight O-Matter frames great for moving on the go and uses patented PRIZM lens technology that can block both UV light and sun glare while sharpening visual acuity. Even better, Oakley’s models are often designed for specific sports, so you can choose a pair with the eye technology best suited for the activities you prefer.

So, with all that in mind, the following is an overview of the best Oakley sunglasses for every sport.

Encoder for cycling

While all you need to go cycling is you and your bike, investing in a few key pieces of gear can make your ride far safer and more comfortable. Cycling sunglasses are crucial in this aspect. With them, you can avoid getting insects and debris in your eyes, harmful UV rays, and the streaming eyes you trigger when you’re riding at full speed. Oakley’s Encoder sunglasses model takes this a step further. With high-functioning grippy O-Matter frames, Unobtainium ear socks and nose pads, and a helmet-compatible structure, these sunnies are sure to stay on your face despite any bumps on the road. Their wraparound design ensures your eyes are well protected and even gives you a wide field of view—perfect for catching obstacles on the road or admiring the scenery you race by.

Corridor for running

Those who love an early morning jog will want to invest in Oakley’s first dedicated sunglasses for running. No longer will you have to endure your glasses getting dislodged as you sprint—the Corridor model’s sport ligature nose pad is specifically created to reduce bounce. Its innovative three-point-fit frame geometry and semi-rimless shield design means it will rest comfortably on your face. Even better, it’s sweat-proof—so you can push yourself as hard as you want during your runs, and these faithful sunnies will grant you the clarity and eye protection you need as you burn through your miles.

Re:SubZero for ice skating

Once you get good enough on the ice, you may want to wear some eyewear for protection. This will prevent your eyes from drying out fast, especially in sports like speed skating, and so you can see the edges of the rink more clearly. Some athletes can see this prerequisite as limiting, however, as eyewear can feel ungainly on the face and consequently decrease athletic performance. You won’t need to worry about that with the Re:SubZero athletic sunglasses. Weighing a mere 24 grams, they boast a Physiomorphic Geometry design—a revolutionary sunglass structure that allows the lenses to adapt to the contours of your face. Throw in Oakley’s PRIZM lens technology that enhances colour and contrast while blocking light glare, and you’ve got eye equipment that will make you unstoppable while skating.

Flak 2.0 for tennis

Tennis courts pose many possible eye injuries. During games, the sunlight can stream directly into your eyes and cause long-term harm in the very worst-case scenarios. Getting hit in the eye by a ball isn’t very fun, either. That’s why you should use Oakley’s Flak 2.0. With High Definition Optics for maximum visual acuity and a range of available coloured lenses like Ruby Bronze and Fire Iridium, you’ll be able to avert any danger in a heartbeat. Plus, if the ball does end up hitting you in the face, your frame’s impact-resistant lenses will safeguard your eyes from any harm.

Oakley uses the best eyewear technologies to make stellar performance sunglasses that can increase your sports performance. Check out the ones above and pick the one that best suits your favourite workout routine.