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Playing a game is now becoming passion for multiple people and some famous gamers are earning huge bucks on its behalf.

Now picking a perfect gaming mouse is a clever and personal endeavor. Everyone is looking for some specific features, which won’t match with another person. So, you will feel yourself lucky to have come across so many mice to choose from. Visiting the official websites like will help you understand what you are looking for and the available options in the market. As you are spending quite some bucks for the gaming mouse, always head for the authentic ones with great features. It is true that some of the products might cost you some bucks but it is all worth it.

Razer Viper Ultimate:

If you are looking for the best wireless alternative, don’t look any further and head towards the Razer Viper Ultimate for the great choice. This mouse might seem simple but it surely packs a lot of gaming options within. The features are completely proven to be best with optical switches and wireless response times, lower than the basic .195 milliseconds count.

  • It is one great gaming mouse which is an extension of your hand. It is literally invisible to say the least. It has to be intuitive and this mouse is definitely all these features you are talking about.
  • This mouse is available with a charging dock to complete its set and with wireless dongle, as well. You can store the dongle inside the mouse when not in use.
  • Furthermore, this mouse is ambidextrous. So, it is designed for both left hand and right hand users.

SteelSeries Sensei Ten:

If you are not much into wireless option and looking for the best corded option, you better head towards Sensei Ten from SteelSeries. This mouse is just the modern take on this classic design and comes with ultra-small and light in weight features. It is packed with the ultimate innovative technology, which is hard to get from anywhere else.

  • This mouse comes with a tilt-tracking sensor, which will ensure that the mouse does not lose its place whenever you are picking it up. This feature helps in saving every millisecond whenever you are planning to move the mouse. That makes Sensei Ten perfect for competitive gaming.
  • The design is not just sleek but approachable to say the least, making it one killer choice for everyone, looking for a light in weight and comfortable gaming mouse.

SteelSeries Rival 110:

If you don’t have a big budget for the gaming mouse and can’t afford the ones you can procure from, there are other options waiting for you to grab as well. One such happens to be from SteelSeries, named under Rival 110. Even though you can get this product at $30, but that does not mean you have to compromise on the quality or the features this mouse holds.

  • Not only is this product inexpensive, but can easily compete with some of the other pricier models that the market has in store for you to try.
  • The sensor of this product comes with lower maximum sensitivity that you might receive from more expensive offering. So, if you actually need some top-end DPI, then better check out some other options, But, apart from that, this mouse is just great, especially while comparing with the price.

Logitech G Pro Wireless:

Not only known for its wireless feature, but this product from Logitech is perfect if you are aiming for easy charging option. These series are mainly designed with input from some of the esports professionals. The product comes with lightning fast response time and proper ergonomics. So, it ensures that all the added buttons are located just at the perfect side and angle of your fingers.

  • It comes with wireless receiver, which will ensure just one millisecond response.
  • There are satisfying buttons for you to try out and the mechanism is quite sturdy.
  • Moreover, there are mechanical-tensioned springs attached underneath the mouse with separate key plates, designed for accuracy.

So, next time you are looking for the best gaming mice of 2020, try going through these options first.

It’s also worth checking out TechTreatBox for guides on the best software and setup for your mouse as well as maintenance to keep it in good shape.

You will surely find one matching your price and requirements well.