The best finance apps for phones

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The world of finance has always been full of innovation, with technology often being used by the likes of the financial services industry to adapt and improve their offerings.

Nowadays, the technological revolution has moved to mobile phones, with countless apps becoming available to help people manage and improve their financial lives. Here are some of the most effective/useful finance apps available.

Online Trading Platforms

For those who trade stocks and shares (as well as any other assets) on global markets, being able to access and online trading platform through a mobile phone is truly life changing. Online trading brokers like ADS  now offer apps which allow access to global markets, often incorporating MetaTrader (one of the most popular online trading platforms in the world) software into the app.

One of the most significant advantages of these apps is that they allow traders to invest their money in markets of their choosing whenever and wherever they like, allowing them to get away from the desktop and have more flexibility in their day to day trading schedule.


For those who want to manage all their finances under one roof, or need help with the likes of budgeting and spending, Mint is undoubtedly one of the best apps around. It allows users to keep their finances in order by sending reminders when their bills are due, and even provides them with tailored budgetary advice based on their individual spending habits.

In addition, it is also possible to link the user’s credit/debit cards to the app so that it can get a clear picture of how they can best manage their financial life. It is, in a way, like having a personal financial advisor which can be taken anywhere free of charge.

Financial News Apps

In reality, there are too many useful financial news apps to mention, but companies like Bloomberg offer an extremely useful means of staying up to date with the latest financial news and developments with their apps (Bloomberg actually offers a number of different apps for different purposes).

These can help users/investors to ensure that their finances are prepared for any shocks, such as new economic policies, and help them to navigate market dangers which they may otherwise miss.

These are just some of the many financial apps which can greatly help people to manage their money and stay on top of their financial life in general. It is well worth looking out for new apps, as they are being developed and released on a regular basis.