The 5 most popular student’s startups in 2019


Starting a business is exciting for anyone. The idea of being your own boss and launching a startup is fascinating.

Getting the best idea for your enterprise is the most challenging part. Obviously, you want your company to be successful. It might be a small venture that you run from your room or one that involves renting space and having other people as your partners.

As a student entrepreneur, striking a balance between your studies and business might be tough. You need time to complete your research paper and still actualize your business aspirations. Let us make this entrepreneurial journey easy for you by providing a list of business ideas you can try.

Meal Kits Preparation And Delivery

It’s evident that not everyone makes a healthy choice when it comes to their diet. Someone with a busy lifestyle might rarely find the time to enjoy a home-cooked meal. It’s unfortunate that junk food is cheaper and easily obtainable than healthy food options.

Preparation of meal kits solves a huge problem in society and is one way of making money. With a few ingredients, you may start by making salads and delivering them to your professors and other university staff members. For packaging, you need disposable containers and cutlery.

Your working area has to be clean and sanitary. All meals need to be fresh. For efficient service, you may have someone else manage delivery while you handle meal preparation. With a bit of creativity, you can make refreshing salads with different ingredients. As your startup company grows, you may expand your menu options to include different dietary options.

It’s evident that not everyone makes a healthy choice when it comes to their diet. Someone with a busy lifestyle might rarely find the time to enjoy a home-cooked meal. It’s unfortunate that junk food is cheaper and easily obtainable than healthy food options.

If you don’t have the time to prepare a proper meal, you do have the option to have your meals delivered straight to your home through a weekly subscription box.

Online Journalism

Writing requires a passion. If you have impeccable writing skills and your degree is either in Journalism or Communications, then Online Journalism might work for you. With the right content, build your portfolio and present your work to online magazines or newspaper companies.

The readership of traditional newspapers has reduced over the years following the emergence of digital print. Many people, especially Millennials prefer e-print over a hard copy magazine. The broadcasting atmosphere provided by online viewership allows you to create engaging content and get paid for it.

HuffPost and Cosmopolitan are some of the reputable publishing companies that pay writers and contributors for work submitted on their page. With a few articles per week, you can make a decent amount of money. All you need is a few hours of your free time, computer and your creative ideas.

Online Personal Trainer

Did you know your physical fitness can make you money? To begin with, you need an Instagram account and a good camera. It’s as simple as that. Take photos of your training sessions and share them on your social media account. This motivates your followers to take up an active lifestyle and hit the gym.

You may provide meal plans and fitness routines to build up your audience. Once you get a considerable amount of followers, you can launch your own cardio workout plan or intensive training routine. This may be either a 4-week plan or a 21-day tune-up program. Customize your subscription program as much as you’d like.

Preparing fitness plans take time. With an assignment due, you might be tempted to quit on your business even before it starts. Instead, you can buy research paper and continue working on your training program. With social media being a huge part of people’s lives, your online personal training business is a great way to make money and help someone else stay healthy.

Internet Influencer

As an influencer, your work involves making marketing content and sharing it with your audience. The key requirement is that you need to have a huge social media following. Your creativity and relationship with your followers can make you money.

Use any social media channel or site. This might be Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Your revenue will most likely come from company endorsements, appearance in social functions, or event hosting.

Affiliate marketing and podcasting are other lucrative avenues you can explore to make money as an Internet Influencer. Using your experience in college is a good way to build an audience with other students. With this, you may get sponsored posts from companies in need of increasing their market share in colleges.

Your uniqueness and confidence are important factors in keeping your followers engaged. Getting into collaboration with other influencers is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. To come up with new and engaging content, you need to be in a perpetual state of learning. Make use of research paper writing to help you stay focused as you continue working on your business opportunity.

Gift Wrapping

Starting a gift wrapping business is more than just packaging presents in a beautiful paper. It involves selecting the gifts, shopping, and delivery to the recipient. A customized gift helps express appreciation or affection.

There are many events where your services are required, from birthdays, anniversaries to weddings. Gift wrapping is a profitable business that can earn you a significant amount of money. Use your social media page to market your services, before you set up a professional company website.

Your ingenuity and organization skills are important to make your venture successful. The packages you create need to be eye-catching, with the appropriate amount of flair to match the occasion. No matter how expensive the gift might be, your presentation needs to beautiful.

This is a great business idea for any student who has an artistic mind. Understanding the occasion is crucial in selecting the right packaging supplies to use. This includes choosing exact ornaments, ribbons, masking tape, flowers, or any other decorative materials suitable for the package.


There you have it, 5 amazing startup ideas you may use for your business. These different ideas allow you to use your creativity and have time to concentrate on your studies. Hopefully, you have found the right idea that will make you a successful student entrepreneur.