The 5 best PDF editors for 2019


The progress of documentation technology is very influential to increase the ease of doing business. PDF is one of the most popular business documentation formats.

Because of its important role, each related software also becomes very important. PDF editor is very necessary for anyone who works on PDF format regularly. There are many PDF editing software available and they are all easy to access. Unfortunately, only a few of them are truly qualified. This article will discuss the 5 best PDF editor software for 2019.


There are specific reasons why we chose this software in the first place. For us, this is the best of the five best software presented in this article. Can be operated on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, making it worthy of being dubbed the most compatible PDF editor software. This software is all-in-one PDF editing software that makes it easier to do a lot of things on PDF files; editing, converting, protecting and so on.

It’s available in two versions; standards and professionals where the standard version is sold for $ 59.95 and the professional version is priced at $ 99.95. Affordable at all considering this software can provide a conversion speed of up to 100 pages in 1 minute! What’s offered by the pro version? It gives us amazing features to improve our productivity on PDF files like PDF file optimizing, data extraction, batch conversation, OCR technology, etc.

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Nitro Pro

In second place, this software works well on Windows. In terms of compatibility, this is worse than PDFelement but if you don’t work on an OS other than Windows, this can be an option. In terms of price, this software is priced at $ 159.99, far more expensive than PDFelement. And if we review it in terms of conversion speed, it’s slower; 100 pages in more than 2 minutes. This software is able to convert 8 kinds of files; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, TIFF, Text and RTF.

Adobe®Acrobat®XI Pro

This software has been widely regarded as the best editing tool for the Windows 10 operating system. But for some people, it is sold too expensive. One of the advantages is a simple interface that is easy to use by anyone. Not only that, this software has also applied OCR technology which is useful for editing scanned PDFs.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Working well on Windows, this software can do more than just edit files. Foxit Phantom PDF can divide files into several different files, create PDF forms as well as convert them to other files, add encryption to PDF and so on. The conversion speed is 100 pages in more than 2 minutes, not too special when compared to its competitors, especially PDFelement.Sold for $ 203.35, this software is quite expensive compared to its closest competitors. One interesting thing is that you can try this for free within 14 days.


In fifth place, this software is less well-known than the previous four. Its trademark is its ability to edit files as easily as when you edit Word files. This software is also capable of editing headers, footers, tables and more. However, when compared to its competitors, it has limited features.

From the above explanations we can conclude that PDFelement is the best reviewed from almost all sides. But of course the choice is in your hands. Hopefully this article can be useful.