The 3 Best Ways To Improve Your Paid Ads Performance

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When you are paying money for lead generation that isn’t producing many leads then it’s time to take a look at your paid ad performance.

It could be that your ads are not giving you the ROI that you had envisioned. This doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your PPC campaign. It just means a change of strategy for lead generation.

The ideal thing to do is to call on a ​​Birmingham based Google Ads agency to take a look and at least run an audit of your campaign. Before you do that, however, you may be able to get results from a few tweaks. In this article, we will go over a few things you can do before you call an agency to see if you can improve your ad performance.

1 – Do A/B testing

Even with a lot of research and data, sometimes there is simply no telling which ad will work and which ones won’t. The one that doesn’t work could simply have an image that doesn’t resonate with the audience.

Changing the copy of the ad, or the image may work but there is no real way to understand what change was the difference. It’s important to know so you can then repeat the success of that ad. The only way to do this is to run A/B testing which means that you can run different ads to the same audience and see which one works better.

The key is to make one change at a time. Run the same ad with two different images, for instance. Then run two ads with the same image but different copy. Take the winning ad and pause the ones that aren’t performing and you will see an increase in your conversions.

2 – Understand the demographic

One of the best things about running ads is that you get a lot of useful data from the campaign. Even ads that aren’t working will give you a wealth of information that you can use to make sure that your campaign gets back on track.

The most important data is the demographics. When you can see that ads are working within a certain segment of the population then you can tailor ads to work for the rest or to concentrate on the segment that is responding to your ads.

Some demographics will be raising your costs by clicking through and not converting because they are not your target. You can then see this and tweak the settings of your ad to not show it to that segment of the audience.

3 – Check the competition

You should be aware of the types of ads the competition is running. You likely have the same demographic targeted so you can see what ads they are expecting. This isn’t to say that you should copy their ads but that you can create ads in a similar style and possibly see some success as a result of that.