Technology in Retail: How these companies use AR

Home furnishing companies are improving the way customers can access their products online from the comfort of their own homes.

Why wouldn’t you want to shop while you’re all cosy on the sofa?

Flooring retailers have started to introduce visualiser technology which allows the customer to interact with products usually through an app. It supports the concept of ‘try before you by’ and often created a trust barrier between the company and the customer. Not to mention, it also improves the overall shopping experience.

Let’s look at some companies that have adopted this successfully.


Wayfair was one of the first businesses to successfully implement AR technology. The app allows customers to take a photo of their room and visualise multiple products within it. You can also toggle the camera to see how big or small the product looks.  Wayfair has also launched a room design tool and 3D planner on their online shopping app. It allows the customer to view rooms from different angles while customising colour, flooring and furniture.

Luxury Flooring and Furnishings

Luxury Flooring is retail a company that sells a variety of flooring through their online website. Their products include solid oak flooring, engineered oak flooring, LVT and laminate flooring. They have implemented a room visualiser tool on their website which allows customers to select their chosen floor and see what it will look like in their home.


IKEAS AR app allows customers to visualise their entire room with multiple items of furniture. Not only does this support try before you buy, but it also improves the customers shopping experience. No doubt IKEA will keep improving their app with more tools and features in the future.


It’s not just home furnishings companies who are adopting this method, it’s other retail companies too. Fashion leading brand, ASOS implemented AR technology on its product page which allows customers to see clothing items on different models.

As advancements in technology continue to rise, there is no doubt that other companies will start to implement these kinds of tools to improve customer experience and satisfaction. What do you think will happen?