Technology boosted ways to sell better


Even if your company has little to do with technology, a few small changes like that can help you increase your sales volume. Customers are more accustomed to a digital, high-tech environment.

Your sales crew should be using the most up-to-date technologies if they aren’t already. Technology is transforming the sales game, from automated follow-ups to conversational bots to educate website visitors.

Although this does not necessitate overcomplicating your business, it does mean that your customers will grow to expect a customer experience that reflects the convenience of doing company with technology.

Salesforce Newsletter

Do you have a form on your website where people may sign up for your newsletter? Do you have a request form that can be filled out online?

Application forms integrated with Salesforce are a terrific way to gather data from your clients, but if they aren’t connected with your CRM, manually inputting the user details can be time-intensive.

Salesforce native feature that enables you to generate up to 500 new leads each day.

  • Simple to make
  • There is no further charge.
  • It only generates leads (cannot update other objects)

Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case forms, which you may use on your website, are two built-in Salesforce solutions for obtaining data and processing it into your CRM.

While built-in, native alternatives are simple to install, they may not be as customized as your circumstance demands.

Digital Checkouts

If you’ve started a business, you may not have upgraded your checkout tech or possibly be operating on a cash-only basis.

Promoting tech communication like card reader plugs directly into a smartphone or tablet can eliminate some manual procedures, allowing you to focus on more vital areas of your business, attract more consumers (many people no longer carry cash), and reduce the risk of errors.

This technology also includes a free POS software app for a simple system at a low cost. This technology is ideal for increasing profits quickly and easily, and the iPad can even be used as a POS system on the counter, taking up far less room than a typical POS system.

Smaller businesses that don’t have the financial resources to collaborate with large credit card companies for POS systems can cease turning away clients who don’t have currency (and let’s be it, many consumers don’t carry cash regularly).

People appreciate using money-saving technologies, whether it’s a loyalty rewards system (think of Starbucks’ popular customer card system) or a voucher and discount app.

Optimized Portal

For a firm to be competitive, it must have a website. Customers nowadays prefer to research online businesses before visiting the actual stores, whether it’s to sample the menu, customer reviews, or see if there are any offers or events.

Investing in a solid website that meets your consumers’ demands will increase traffic to your store and keep it seeming contemporary and accessible.

Don’t forget to rank your website for smartphones, as many customers browse on their phones or tablets. Many clients prefer internet shopping in addition to gathering information about a place before visiting it.

Consider setting up an online shopping cart system for your business so clients can purchase your products digitally and have them delivered right to their door.


A lot of the sales that businesses have been earned are because they automated the process in time owing to technology. CRM systems have made a lot of progress, but there is always room for improvement.

Machine learning and bots may become more prevalent in how prospective customers communicate with sales technology. Sales teams may scale more quickly if a potential customer can have more of their demands satisfied through technology.

Improving follow-up procedures is an efficient strategy to increase sales conversions.

Luckily, there is a Gmail plug-in named Boomerang that enables you to plan when to deliver follow-up emails to potential customers for leads follow-ups through email.

Boomerang also lets you set reminders for when you need to check back with a prospect. To increase sales conversions, use Boomerang with CRM to set up automated reminders.

Although if your company does not allow customers to stay for extended periods of time on the internet, enabling wi-fi will encourage customers to share their experiences on social media and leave reviews for your business while they are there.


To keep your customers stay longer and return regularly, consider making your store tech-friendly.

Technology has its own perks when it comes to building businesses but only the ones who dare can live them to success.