TechBerry Review: A Refuge For Social Trading Enthusiasts

With the rapidly expansive landscape associated with online forex trading, whether individuals utilize those fiat currencies, such as EUR, USD, AED, etc., as well as those rather nascent digital currencies that have found themselves deeply embedded within all that buzz recently, including USDT, XRP, ETH, or BTC, throughout the whole world, traders have tried to manage a sustainable means of acquiring wealth for themselves.

As unfortunate as it can be, not everyone is successful in their endeavors when it comes to this, despite whatever efforts they may undertake. A plethora of reasons can be the primary cause behind such failures, and most of them, more or less, can be deduced from the utter lack of experience or the required knowledge that may be the case for many of these traders, hindering their performance. Now, when such a thing is scrutinized, those who just embarked on their trading journeys normally come to mind. A lot of this is due to the sheer volumes of data that have to be sifted through, which makes for a rather difficult time when one is getting on board with this sector. In addition, such kinds of data overloads can be directly linked to how complicated the nature of whatever traditional trading firms have opted for can be. Fortunately, there is a “social trading analytical platform” called TechBerry, which can more than help with this with its blend of numerous aspects pertaining to both social trading and analytics.

As we stated previously, TechBerry happens to be a trading platform that is used within the context of social trading or social forex. This can be further elaborated as the procedure wherein information can be continuously and immediately collected concerning trading markets and more, all for users’ sakes, so that the learning curves can be eased a bit for them. This can be a groundbreaking prospect, as there is the implication that users have no requirement to engage with any sort of technical know-how or fundamental analysis. Moreover, via social trading, especially the model that TechBerry adopts, the experts at trading are responsible for the generation of whatever is needed, which further enables those newcomers to experience hassle-free trading without having to carry out any technical analysis by themselves. Besides that, trading procedures can be aided by the social elements that can be brought in—social elements that were nowhere near as adopted prior to social trading, considering how much aid can be given to others. Via this, social trading would not only be advantageous for newbies as well as experts, but due to the drastic reduction of that learning curve, the whole industry’s worth could rise substantially. Moreover, with the incorporation of TechBerry into the same sphere, there is yet another advantage that may be brought in here, and that would be automation.

TechBerry’s inception can be traced as far back as 2015, and it has adopted several forex statistics in its favor, statistics that have been accumulated and gathered from around 100,000 experts in their field, all so that only the most lucrative results may be produced. Essentially, you can think of it as a type of advisor that expertly utilizes a variety of unique AI capabilities. As a result, with AI coming into the mix, enormous volumes filled with professional trading information can be analyzed, and then strategies that generate a higher chance of gaining more profitability can thus be chosen and automated.

TechBerry has therefore swiftly risen to prominence in this sector, largely because of its efficient, straightforward, and comprehensive forex solutions, which can cover almost every classification of traders, no matter if they are experts, casuals, or beginners, which would probably be the most benefited group. This, in turn, aids in effectively interacting with the forex sector, which has been increasingly expanding lately. Furthermore, this can be apparent in how it accumulates a rate of 11.2% in monthly profits, which it gathers for those invested in its platform, which is quite impressive considering the risky nature of the sector in general.

With TechBerry, investors are given the capability of maintaining viability and consistency when the management of their livelihoods is considered while simultaneously pushing straight through the numerous hindrances associated with this industry. Bearing this in mind, let us now discuss how the platform may pique the interest of anyone who wishes to use what it has to offer.

Who TechBerry Is For

Whether you’re an investor, a trader, or even if you own a firm by yourself, you will find that looking into what TechBerry offers can be worth it nonetheless. Furthermore, due to how automated the experience here can be, a perfect environment can be created for novices who still haven’t undergone the experience necessary to get a hang of the intricacies involved in trading or for users who happen to be experts and find that they may lack the time needed to actively involve themselves with trading. Hence, the automation here has the primary role with regards to determining the kind of users that will show interest in TechBerry.


  •         Because its operations have been going around for approximately 8 years, the trustworthiness or reliability that it has established for itself has become apparent.
  •         It has managed quite an impressive global presence for itself with its several offices that have been operating across the globe.
  •         Any individual can track their trades in real-time, so the effort and time required to conduct such things on their own would not have to be spent.
  •         If you just want to try out what it offers without putting in anything, then that can be done when you subscribe to the trial membership plan.
  •         In the event of any losses being incurred, you can be sure that TechBerry’s insurance coverage will easily safeguard your funds or whatever you own from them.
  •         Several independent services, like MyFxbook, FX Audit, and FX Blue, have all validated the trading analysis or monitoring that TechBerry offers.


  •         While automation can generally be beneficial, the downside, however, is that you will not have much control over how the funds you invest will be used.
  •         Sharing your data can only be carried out through MT4 or MT5.
  •         The deposit requirements here may put some people off, as they can be a lot, with the minimum being $1,000.

TechBerry’s Offerings

Outlined below are the types of users that will be appreciative of what TechBerry provides through its services or products. These will mainly include investors, traders, and financial institutions. So, bearing that in mind, let’s delve in.

For Investors

Investing can turn into a way for users to allocate their savings, for which much toil has been made on their part, in a manner that could raise their value. Due to this, the possibility of a substantial accumulation of wealth becomes a reality within reach. This will then only serve to stabilize investors’ financial situations due to the addition of more streams of income being ensured, alongside what they are occupying themselves with in terms of their jobs. Although such individuals may take a route that can be safer and even “traditional,” such as the mere holding or storing of their hard-earned funds by themselves or through the depositing of those funds within bank accounts, investing these same funds, rather, would yield value accruals that will be substantially unique as compared to a few other alternatives. However, as highlighted earlier, there can be some risks that one has to take note of or, at the very least, be prepared for.

However, there will be a lot of individuals who will simply not be able to find the time required to research or sift through the sheer enormity of the investments out there, only to come across a few that will be worth their time, i.e., able to produce enough profits for them to be content with. And besides research, there is also the prospect of there being numerous procedures that users will have to contend with, such as monitoring their investments and checking to see if everything is alright, creating accounts, and much more, and again, these users may not always have the time they would need for doing all of that. This, in turn, makes TechBerry even more compelling, as you won’t need to undergo anything of the sort over there. Therefore, if you think that this group is where you belong, then all that will need to be done on your part is go through the registration and KYC procedures at TechBerry, both of which may not take that long to complete. After that, simply deposit a certain amount of funds, and then watch on and see how those funds accumulate over time. Still, what warrants mentioning is that there will be a few membership tiers or levels that TechBerry will provide you with. So, based on what level you are currently at, your returns can grow even more in worth, with the same going for your insurance coverage. Bearing all this in mind, these tiers will be referred to as Diamond, Platinum, Infinite, Silver, Gold, White, and Green. The lowest level here is White, and as one goes up that membership ladder, the requirements, namely the minimum deposit requirements, will increase as well. So, for example, right there at the topmost level, you will find Infinite, with a $500,000 minimum deposit requirement. So, should you desire to know more about all this, you can pay its official website a visit.

For Traders

Now, what if individuals using the TechBerry platform happen to be the experts themselves, know fairly well about the complexities associated with the landscape, and can discern for themselves whether or not certain investments will perform as well? Fortunately, with TechBerry, these individuals will find themselves being catered to nonetheless. But how would that be the case now, one may wonder? By uploading your trading statistics or data to TechBerry, obviously. A few things to note here, however, are that one may earn here regardless of whether they are able to perform well or not. Hence, once you have made up your mind about sharing your trading data here, you will have to download and install this software program referred to as the TB Expert Advisor on those trading platforms you like using. However, as stated earlier, only MT4 or MT5 can be utilized. So, once that is over, traders such as yourself can start instantly earning, beginning at approximately $500 every month.

For Financial Institutions

Besides traders, even firms, no matter their size, can greatly benefit from what is provided by TechBerry here in terms of expanding profitability or gaining enough funding for the business if it’s newly set up. With TechBerry, these firms can then utilize the accuracy or reliability of the trading data that it has been gathering from hundreds of thousands of online traders, all of whom are experts at what they do. Not only that, but this data can be accessed in real-time as well. Consequently, this historical record of data, blended with how sophisticated the AI technology at TechBerry can be, can easily secure and help with maintaining financial positions for firms. This would not only help firms but also their clients, as these firms could then use all that extra capital at their disposal to improve whatever they currently serve or expand upon.

User Experience

According to what can be gathered, its user experience is as simple as it can get. Regardless of what process you find yourself in, whether it is registration, investing, withdrawing, or depositing, everything can be easily carried out or executed. Moreover, with the automation on offer, getting the hang of things here will not take anyone long. Additionally, there are TechBerry’s partnerships to note, which number over 50, like FINRA, FSA, CTFC, etc. All of this demonstrates TechBerry’s reliability, which enables a hassle-free and smoother user experience.

Final Thoughts

Since TechBerry provides a completely hands-free, automated social trading experience, it has quickly established itself among the leading platforms when it comes to analytical trading. This is also because only strategies with a higher efficacy rate tend to be automated here. And although this is not the only feature it offers, it is likely its most noteworthy aspect, producing an impressive average return rate of 11.2% each month.