T1 Advertising CEO Thomas Herd Pioneers Risk-Free Equation For Brands To Succeed 

By now, the media and entertainment world is starting to recognize that the millennial generation is operating under different paradigms and standards.

Traditional business models which don’t provide certain, absolute values are no longer sufficient for hard working business owners and entrepreneurs.

There is a new premium on dependency and fair market practices as well as a shared mindset that one can take success into his own hands.

Leading this paradigm shift is a handful of media and entertainment thought leaders who have replaced traditional, unreliable business models in media with new, absolutely certain and foolproof models that enable brands and entrepreneurs to bank on success.

A salient example is Thomas Herd, CEO of the ascending agency T1 Advertising.

Herd- a prominent Forbes Magazine contributor- has s developed a business model that provides clients risk-free solutions for every key digital metric- from real, value added social media followers to guaranteed primetime press, and most importantly to guaranteed cost per acquisition delta improvements versus baseline.

Herd’s risk-free formulas have powered numerous brands- from MeUndies, Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Boohooman, etc.- into modern industry leaders and has being adopted by emerging brands at a dizzying pace during the pandemic to help ensure their success during these tumultuous times.

Herd believes that marketers need to provide systems brands can truly bank on and that brands should not be put at any disadvantage if their strategies don’t work.

That is why T1 Advertising is the only major US digital marketing agency to refund its clients pro-rata for any shortcoming in delivery versus contracted deliverables, setting up a risk-free equation for brands to succeed.