Successful Trader Samuel Leach to provide Scholarships and combat Financial Illiteracy in the UK

Forex trader, CEO, and founder of Samuel & Co Trading, Samuel Leach, has recently launched his new higher education programme, waging war on the rife financial illiteracy which rages on through British educational structures.

The teaching hub from Samuel & Co Trading will offer potential students and aspiring traders the chance to undergo Level 5 and Level 7 in financial trading, equivalent to a foundation and master’s degree. This course takes 18 weeks, 12 weeks for Level 5 and 6 weeks for Level 7, costing £8040 to complete both. This exciting opportunity provides entrants with financial education for significantly lower costing and time of a traditional university course.

Providing the Ofqual accredited course is only the first step for Leach. He has set another goal in 2023, to target unemployment and the lack of educational options for the youth of Hertfordshire. As reported in the Hertfordshire Mercury, “New government figures revealed that there were 32,611 children in our county living below the breadline in March 2019, even before the cost of housing was considered. “The overall rise means that around one in every nine – or 11% – of children in Herts is now living in poverty.”  With the cost-of-living crisis sweeping across the nation, these figures have likely soared since.

Born and bred in Hertfordshire, Leach is taking it as his prerogative to give back to the community and provide full scholarships for individuals with disabilities and from low-income backgrounds. In this quote, Leach explains the reasoning behind his decision “CSR is more important than ever in the current landscape. I grew up in Hertfordshire; I want to give back to my community. Some individuals from surrounding areas do not have opportunities to succeed. This new degree programme will not only provide qualifications and vital knowledge but three months of work experience. With this funding, those who do not usually get a head start will get a jump on their career, without any debt.”

During the current economic crisis, there seems to be no better time for schemes such as Leach’s to take place. Additionally, the UK appears to suffer from a lack of confidence in finances. The British Money & Pensions Service offers some insight into this issue, advising that 35% of adults in the UK are not confident in managing their finances, almost 9 million individuals are in debt, and 11.5M people have less than £100.00 saved. A call to action for the requirement of accessible financial education for young people. Although this programme regards trading the financial markets, by default it will teach the entrant core principles of managing finances. Something rarely included within the school curriculum.

Financial impoverishment is increasing, and individuals from low-income backgrounds will again feel the brunt. In terms of financial knowledge, the British educational system is unlikely to reform overnight. However, if Leach is successful in his aspiration to fund these scholarships, he is taking the first steps toward a new and improved Hertfordshire. Hopefully, with time, an enhanced route toward higher education for the whole of the UK!