Studio style: How to transform your tiny apartment


As the new academic year draws closer, you may have thoughts of dread regarding your tiny studio apartment.

However, just because your accommodation is small does not mean that it has to feel cramped. There are many ways you can maximise your studio apartment and turn it into a chic home away from home.

Take a look at these top design tips which will help you transform your cramped apartment into a stylish studio you can be proud of.

Clever wall hacks

You may experience a sense of panic when moving all your stuff into your studio apartment and realising you have nowhere to put it all. While some students may opt for the stuff in the cupboard option, a more design-savvy individual may want to be more creative. One of the best and most stylish ways to maximise space is with wall storage. Dependent on your budget, you could purchase some floating shelves or make your own. A popular DIY trend at the moment is wall pockets, which can be made using string and leather or any other material that is strong enough to hold your possessions. This will not only maximise space but will also add some character to your flat by adding a stand-out feature.

Keep it simple

If your apartment is covered in crazy patterns, bright colours and flowers it may look pretty but it will make even the biggest room look small. Instead of creating clutter, you should try to keep it as minimalistic as possible. By sticking to neutral colours like white and beige, you can create more light and give the appearance of a spacious apartment. You should also try to reduce the amount of furniture you have, instead go back to basics and stick to three or four pieces of furniture, such as a bed, chair, table, and a wardrobe. This will maximise floor space and will make your apartment much more spacious and airy. Get inspired by RW Invest, a property investment company who have various studio apartments that showcase how simplicity and minimalism work to create space. By adopting this style, you can completely transform your apartment, making it the envy of your university friends.

 Divide the space

The main issue with a studio apartment is that it only has one main living room, which means you have to cram multiple items into one space. Having a bed, a couch, kitchen utilities and more in one room can make your apartment feel extremely claustrophobic and can make it feel unliveable. You can solve this by investing in partitions for your studio. Some good examples include bookcase dividers which can separate a kitchen from a living room or you could even install sliding doors to make your bedroom feel like a private sanctuary. If you’re on a budget you could even use some old curtains, which will give your apartment a vintage-style makeover while also effectively dividing each room. Another great tip is to invest in a fold away bed which can be stored in a cupboard until it’s time to get some rest. This will allow you to improve the aesthetic of your living area and will also make more room when entertaining friends and family. 

Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash