Stock Trading: The Basics that Every Starter Should Begin With

If you are not conversant with the basics of the stocks, important information, phrases, or details, such as “intraday highs” and “earning movers,” might not make a lot of sense.

Indeed, understanding these terms and how the stock market works might be the thin line between failure and success. This is why it is a great idea to start by understanding the basics before diving into the world of stocks, such as USA 500 and Tech 100 stocks.

The good news is that just like the top traders; you can learn and ultimately become a pro trader. To get you started on this journey of stock trading, let us go back to the beginning. Keep reading to learn about the basics of the stock market and trading and how to increase your chances of success with USA 500 stocks.

What Is Stock Trading?

This is a complex system where shares of publicly traded firms are issued, purchased, and sold. It brings together millions of investors with very divergent views, meaning that when one investor decides to sell a specific USA 500 stock, another one will be willing to purchase it. Because all investors cannot be right all the time, the stock market is an adversarial system and comes with huge risks of losing your investments.

The stock trading takes place in stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. However, this is not a common type of market where one walks in and picks the preferred items. Rather, investors are represented by brokers. In the past, this was a complex thing, and only the top investors, such as banks and trusts, were able to trade. Now, the digital world has opened the space, and it is possible for everyone to trade right from home using online brokers, such as

The brokers provide you with a trading platform, which allows you to interact with the market in real-time. Even with this ease, you still need to practice using the trading charts and taking orders. You might want to start with a virtual account before jumping to stock trading with real cash.

What Makes Stock Prices to Move Up or Down?

There are so many factors that determine if the price of a selected USA 500 stock will fall or rise. Indeed, most of them work together to create the anticipated movement, and it is important to understand them well and make correct predictions. Some of these factors include:

  • Policies state or federal governments.
  • Opinion of expert investors.
  • Social unrests.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Political instability.
  • Lack of alternatives.
  • New technologies on the market.
  • The management of the respective company.

The compilation of all the factors and related information creates a specific sentiment, bearish or bullish. In a bullish market, a lot of investors start buying a stock, making its price to move up. However, a bearish market indicates that investors are losing trust in that stock and start selling. The effect is lower prices and down trending graph on the trading chart.

How Do You Select Stocks?

Well, there are a number of ways that you can use to select the preferred stock to trade on the market. The commonest one is index trading, which involves picking stocks that are listed on specific indices, such as S&P 500, which captures the biggest companies in the US based on market capitalization. You might also want to follow Tech 100, which focuses on the largest companies in the tech sector.

In addition to checking what is listed on the top indices, it will be a good idea to follow experts’ analysis of the selected stocks. For example, you might want to start Zoom trading because the company has been performing very well in the last couple of years. Remember that even with all of these analyses, everything comes down to you. So, do some due diligence by following the individual company’s performance.

The Importance of Market Diversification

One of the preferred methods of keeping down the risk of loss when trading stocks is picking those that are at the top. For example, the leading companies on S&P 500 Index are known to have excellent management and are also intensively analyzed by trading experts. However, you will still be exposed in the event of negative market setbacks.  This is why you need to diversify.

Diversifying your trading portfolio means investing in stocks of different companies so that you increase the chances of making some returns even if one of the stock’s price goes against your prediction. For example, instead of just selecting USA 500 stocks, you might want to combine them with ETFs and platinum trading. Remember that each type of trading instrument requires an inherent understanding of its dynamics.

Another method that you can use to reduce risk is only committing a small amount of money with every trade. Although you can decide the preferred level of risk, most traders recommend the 1% rule for new traders. This means that if you have $100,000 for stock trading, only $10,000 will be committed in any single trade.

Why You Should Get a Good Broker

The broker you select will be a crucial factor in defining your stock trading journey. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you select and work with the best. With a good broker, it will be easy to easily diversify your portfolio. For example, instead of just trading USA 500 stocks, you can also trade ETFs and forex using Other benefits you are likely to enjoy by using a good broker include:

  • Low transaction fees.
  • Good customer support to answer all queries fast.
  • Reliable investment advice from experts.
  • Easy-to-use platform on both desktops and mobile phones.

If you are a starter in the stock market, this post has demonstrated that it can be a rewarding or loss-making venture. However, it depends on how you go about it, and that is why you need to start with the basics. Remember that every action should be used as a learning opportunity, helping you to hone trading skills and become better with time.