Solar Street Lights

Despite the vast majority of small businesses saying they are focussed on addressing green issues, around 90 per cent of business owners say a combination of lack of knowledge, support from the Government and cashflow issues are barriers preventing them from doing more on sustainability.

As we know that world is running out of energy. Our needs can not be further fulfilled by men’s handmade energy. Therefore we should use other methods to cope up with energy usage. The street lights are an important part of daily life.

Especially, in the nightlife, we need street lights. A lot of countries do not have the enough resources. They do not afford the street lights to turn on the country’s electricity. Therefore, many countries rely on solar power. As we know, solar power is a natural source of energy. This is a form of energy that will be never end in the future. While installing the Street lights, the government usually looks for the method which is pollution-free and cheaper. This is only possible by utilizing the sun’s power. So, for this purpose, electrical circuits are made. The function of the electrical circuits is to convert sunlight into electricity. In many regions, the whole country depends upon sunlight. All the streets have solar panels, which are effectively converting the sunlight into electricity. Being the best method, it converts the sunlight into electricity which turns up the solar street lights and provides facility to the residents.

Components of solar street lights

The prices of solar panels are affordable. They are not the complex structures. The solar panels used in streetlights are made up of simple structure which converts the solar energy into electricity. The packet of lights, called photons falls on the circuit. The circuit readily converts the high speed photons in to electrons. These electrons are run by the electrical circuit ads make sure the provision of light to street through the bulb. The streets lights solar panel is usually present in pairs. The face of solar panels is directed towards the sunlight. The reason behind installing that pair of panel is to capture the light all the day. The Light captured and converted into electricity, and stored in the battery. Moreover the battery does not get affected with the rainfall. The whole set up captures the light all the day and provides the lightning all the night.

Some advantages of solar street lights

Pollution free lights

  • This form of energy is completely pollution-free. The solar panels turn the solar light into electricity. This electricity is further used to turn on the streetlights.
  • It also utilizes the ultraviolet radiation of Suns. Therefore you must use this method to turn on the street lights.

Cheap method

  • As we have seen that it is the cheapest method to turn on the lights. It cost 0.00 dollars. The only investment is to install solar panels. Once the solar panels are installed, they turn the lights on for a lifetime for free.


  • Using solar light, you can install as many as the light you want.
  • This is a very cheap method. By using solar energy, you can light up every street in your town.

Biologically safe method

  • The best thing about solar electricity is that it doesn’t affect human life. There is no electricity shortage or electricity fall.
  • The solar panel setup is made up of a simple circuit, which does not get short on touching. The provision of light remains continues until the sun’s blow. It means it’s a permanent method to provide lightning to our streets.

Time and energy saving

  • As we know that lights are lightened by solar energy, therefore they are almost maintenance free. We don’t have to care about them. They run on their own.
  • As they don’t own very complex structures, they are easy to maintain. The solar street lights don’t use very latest form of technology; therefore they are much easy to handle than the electricity lights.

Burden free

  • Solar street lights are deprived of grid electricity. Therefore, they don’t put burden the national electricity grids at all. A country with developed system of lights can install as many lights as it can. There are extremely zero burdens on the grid. I
  • It saves the electricity for local usage. The electricity saved is used to illuminate the housed later on. Therefore, using the solar panel as in street light is highly economical.