Software outsourcing advice and matching company launch

Software Development UK, a UK based company providing software outsourcing advice and matching, launched to helped companies navigate the growing digital world.

Having identified a clear and recurring issue in the software vendor selection process, the team at have devised a process that allows companies looking to fulfil an IT project connect with a list of pre vetted companies that can fulfil the brief

SDUK not only brings buyers and sellers together – they find genuine companies with software needs and pair them with suppliers that meet strict requirements. The need for companies to “digitalise” their business has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this comes an exponential increase in the number of companies requiring outsourced software and IT assistance and now, more than ever, it is important to select the correct partner. This works end to end – in terms of selecting the correct vendor and also targeting the correct companies with bona fide and correctly scoped projects.

Customer Centric, Easy Application Process for Software and IT Vendors

With a rush to increase efficiency and reduce cost, companies are keen to gain a competitive edge through the digitalisation of their operations. From start-ups looking to get off on the right digital path and SMEs requiring specific software solutions, to multinationals needing major legacy migration, companies are in race to join the digital age.

SDUK, customers see them as the industry standard for connecting software vendors with qualified project leads. Just as we make sure that the leads on offer are qualified, packaged and ready to follow up by you, we also give our leads the assurance that the vendors we supply are fully vetted by our specialist team. As a vendor committing to the SDUK report, you will be starting an independent process that helps you consolidate your strengths, identify any weaknesses and that provides an impartial view on how you can increase revenue in the future. When you are successful in passing our vetting procedure, you will start to be matched with our qualified lead base. You will be offered a tiered approach, which will include key industry accreditation such as the Government backed IASME cyber essentials, cyber essentials plus as well as other accreditations specific to your industry.

Cost Efficient Outsourced Sales & Marketing Team

Our team is made up of software experts and sales and marketing professionals. We have worked across multiple sectors to help companies improve internal processes, increase efficiency and boost sales. In a rapidly expanding but increasingly competitive market, we can help you stand out from the crowd. Fed up with FACELESS digitalisation? So are we! Work with SDUK and find the perfect balance!

Customer Focussed Advice and Scoping Service for Companies Requiring Outsourced Software Development

Now more than ever, finding the correct partner to help you move forward is paramount. SDUK has a team of experts that help define the project, identify the deliverables and work with the client to optimize the budget and find the correct partner from our pre-approved list. Service offered by SDUK include the entry level B2B Connect (though it is the most basic service it is still fairly comprehensive) through to the fully managed or CTO as a service option. The SDUK marketing message is clear – At any level, from a start-up to a multinational business looking to fully enter the digital age, we can save you time and cut your costs.

Digitalisation with a Personal Touch

The team behind SDUK is made up software development specialist and sales and marketing professionals with decades of experience across multiple industries. As we head at a fast pace into the digital world, the SDUK ethos is that we must not forget the personal touch. The team believe in long lasting personal relationships with our clients, and we will constantly innovate to offer you value for the money that you spend with us. Although a young company, the management team have ambitions to increase the service offerings as the companies grow. By saving our clients time and money, and gaining their trust, SDUK will be well placed to continue adding value and growing as business.

For more information, please contact Spencer Picket, or visit