Software development in the post-Corona era

Software development

Some of us are imagining our old life coming back to normal, and some of us are already adopting the new changes emerging from this unpredictable situation, created by the spreading virus.

Technology and software development are by far the most positively challenged to create new ways for people to stay connected to the world from self-isolation, as well as still being able to fulfill their needs. Though these two, by definition have an exponential expansion year after year, in every domain, no one could have predicted such an unexpected shift in our life flux.

Nevertheless, all the rules we knew were broken and we’re expecting significant changes from the IT outsourcing and software development companies that drive the tech sector into this new era.

As always, a high percentage of innovations in technology that make it on the market is determined by the consumer’s behaviour or as a prediction of it. We got video calls because writing on chat became exhausting or boring.

We wanted temporary stories because they give us the chance to seize the moment and share it for a short period of time and raise scarcity among our followers. And these are just the basic, and frivolous examples in our daily lives that we can relate to. But let’s do an inception exercise and observe a bit the macro-trends in technology and software development that are growing now. Wilfully said – growing because some of them were there all along for the early adopters, but now they are becoming an inevitable necessity.

Remote work applications

Working remote was until just a few months ago just a „luxury” for many employees, that haven’t somehow earned the privilege or haven’t chosen the freelancer life, where they can make their own rules. Suddenly, the self-isolation recommendations and restrictions have forced almost all working areas to transfer their activity online.

Of course, that wouldn’t have been so easy if there wasn’t for the remote work applications that support the planning, organization, execution, and communication of teams locally or even spread across the globe. Given the fact that we don’t have a realistic prediction of how long we are going to stay in self-isolation, this niche is most probably to bloom even more in the months to come with new apps, features and user experiences.

Virtual experiences

Since our life moved between four walls, the only escape from routine is virtual reality. At this point, we experience that through filters, games, virtual tours on Google Earth or similar features. Therefore, this period is a fruitful one for the AR and VR software developers to recreate new realities from our „previous life” that can be experienced from your living room, sitting on a couch. A whole „new life bubble” includes traveling, shopping and gathering through a internet connection or live stream. These and other activities that now are put on stand by could take an whole nother meaning.

Online shopping with a reality fusion

Imagine you walk into a mall, meet a friend, go into a store, pick up something you like and decide to buy it. We know, nothing spectacular here. But now imagine doing that on a Livestream. E perfect merge between shopping online and live streaming. In real-time, experiential shopping from the comfort of your own home. The development of e-commerce platforms is under a big transformation as we speak. Asia has already come up with such functionalities that combine necessity, entertainment and the need for a social factor. Software development at a new level.

Open-source software solutions

When Elon Musk decided to release the patent for all their electric vehicles worldwide, he left everyone speechless. Well, he wasn’t the only one to make such a gesture in history but was another milestone in our contemporary history for the greater good. Moreover, since we’re living unprecedented times, sharing useful software solutions that can increase sustainability across nations, can be a responsible act for big software development and IT outsourcing organizations.

Effortless health through IoT software solutions

We might just have invented a new concept that by name could sound weird but hear us out. Right now, you’re probably reaching for your hand sanitizer as we speak, trying desperately to keep it safe all the time.

Nevertheless, when the waters will calm down on the virus effects, going out will be permitted again, and in a short time, we will forget about these hands-on healthy habits. Either out of exhaustion of exaggerating them, either out of plain human nature. Still, safety and health issues will continue to be important and integrated in our routine.

Though we wished they could be done for us or made easier. So, a decontamination room at the entry of a high-end fashion store can’t be that far from reality, or a special air cleaning system that assures you are breathing virus-free air can be made through IoT solutions. If we can control the house heat from our smartphone, we will surely have new, easier ways to keep us healthy.

Virtual friends

Another social problem solved by software and technology. It’s just a small step from virtual assistants and chat-bots, to virtual companionship. Samsung has already brought to the eyes of the world, the Neon concept – virtual beings with a human look-alike that can not only provide you information, but also teach and talk to you. A beta version in development, but once the Pandora’s box will be open, virtual friendships will no longer be just a scenario.

Contactless commerce

The now known as “contactless delivery” is reaching another level – a-commerce. Drones, driverless cars controlled from a distance that makes deliveries safer. Not a novelty, but its transforming into a whole new trend, thanks to the necessities we are having now. Robots can automate certain processes that need a human-free touch. We’ll see though which of these new methods will persist when the pandemic will be over.

Some things after the COVID-19 experience will never be the same, that’s for sure. Hence, we choose to take the best out of the situation and look at the new technology wave that can improve our living and wellbeing and learn to adapt to whatever is coming our way.

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