Smart devices for the tech-lover’s home

Smart Home

Are you a technology buff who has finally brought a new home? Then your home interior must reflect your personality.

In the 21st century, everything is digital even the home equipment. Now you can make your home smart, this way your life will become a lot more convenient and half the stress of chores and cleaning will be gone from your everyday routine. This means you can spend more time playing with your kids, giving well-deserved attention to your wife or just relax without any worries.

Here is a list of a few smart devices you can add to your home

Smart Pool

Now if you have a pool in your house you can always keep it filled without having to worry about cleaning it. The smart pool will clean, light and also heat itself whenever you need it to- simply with the touch of a button. This way you will get to spend more time enjoying your pool instead of maintaining it, unlike a traditional swimming pool. It adds the charm to your luxurious new home.


One device which will help you access and control your smart home. If you are tired and you forgot to switch off the lights not to worry you can simply tell Alexa to do it with a voice command. Something you need to have in your smart home.

Pro Cameras

You certainly want an efficient security system in your house. The pro cameras are great they will help you monitor your home through your mobile phone. No matter where you are the live footage of your home camera will be on your palm. Besides that, they have sensors that can detect unfamiliar footsteps and also catch any frequent passers. It seems like an efficient investment in your smart home. After all, you didn’t buy those expensive things for some burglar to come and steal it and it is always good to be precautionary.

Philips Hue Bulbs

These are definite to be part of any modern home. Dimming and brightening the hue of bulbs on need and requirement is like a heavenly feature. Now you can dim the lights on a date night and brighten them when you are doing makeup or working around the house. Also, these lights can change color following your instructions

Automated Thermostat

Having the right temperature inside your house especially if you have hard weather outside is very important. Now you don’t have to get up every time you feel that you need to lower or higher the temperature of the room you can simply do it with the remote or through your phone.

Smart Vacuum

There must be smart cleaning devices as well right? With smart vacuum you like Ecovacs Deebot N79S you won’t need to roam around the house. This device automatically detects the dust and collects it. And the best part is that it is noiseless. Now you can have guests over in the house anytime you want without having to worry about the house being unclean.

Smart Coffee Mugs

Are you someone who often forgets to have coffee as they get too busy at work and the coffee gets cold? Then the Ember smart coffee mug is the perfect addition to your house. The smart mug keeps your coffee hot with its internal heating system. Now you can have coffee any time of the day without having to worry about it turning cold.

Smart Pet Control

Now we want to be with our pets all the time but it is not possible as we have to leave them home for the real world work. Now Furbo can help you interact with your pet any time of the day with the help of your smartphone. The pet-friendly voices in the machine catch your pet’s attention and whenever they do something good you can suspend a treat.

With the addition of these devices in your new home, your life will become easier and any onlooker can easily guess that this is the home of a tech-lover.