SlideUpLift: A Way To Make Remote Presentations Work For You

In today’s pandemic ridden professional world, communication is everything. People are challenged to run workshops virtually, make sales pitches from home, even raise funds for their startups remotely.

Things that in the past could be sorted in water cooler chats or over a Starbucks coffee session now require calendar meetings and often formal discussions on platforms like MS Teams. Budding Entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business professionals are constantly learning what this means and adjust to the new realities.

While many things have changed, work in the world must continue and the appetite for sharing ideas between us, humans, continues to remain fundamental.

SlideUpLift is trying to do its part to make it as easy as possible for people to exchange ideas. With a massive collection of pre-packaged idea templates, professionals can create powerful stories with just a few edits: be it sales pitches, startup decks, workshop material, project documents, etc. The platform also contains many tools to add emphasis to the story including professional Icons, Silhouettes, 3D Isometrics, and Models, etc.- many of which are free to use.

For busy professionals, things are hard. Regardless of the constraints, and the fact that they work remotely, they still need to communicate complex ideas, manage and align team members, deliver pitches, etc. We try and make it a bit easier by making ideas, team exercises, proposal documents, best practices, workshops, in form of great looking templates that they can adapt to their situation. We are experiencing an explosive growth in usage since the onset of the pandemic. We hope more and more users take advantage of this platform and differentiate themselves in their workplace.” said Manglam Vashisht, founder, SlideUpLift.

These templates are designed for popular presentation software including MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. Built with robust vision science principles, these make strategic use of colors, shapes, fonts, objects to create a powerful impact on the audience. The templates can be accessed via the website or via an Add-in for Powerpoint users.

Remote working is a reality today and odds are it may stay with us longer than we would like. In these situations, slide decks do end up assuming disproportionate importance in determining the success of presentation efforts. With the backing of such material, presenters can differentiate themselves with an outsized visual impact on their audience with minimal investment of time.