Skyfincapital review – Prominent features of the broker


Are you looking for investment opportunities? In these tough economic times, you are certainly not the only one who is looking for options to invest their money in order to earn high returns that can provide financial security in the long-run.

Even though there are hundreds of opportunities to be found, the problem is that most of them are offering very little returns, which means they are not exactly a good option. One of the avenues that can provide you excellent returns are the financial markets, as they comprise of financial instruments that can be immensely profitable.

After all, financial markets, such as the forex and the stock markets, have existed for decades and millions of people all around the world have made their fortunes in these very markets. However, it is important to remember that these markets don’t come without their risks. Sure, you can make big returns, but the losses are just as huge, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. So, what can you do? In such instances, you can look for a broker that can help you invest in these markets and benefit from them without requiring you to do more than depositing and withdrawing your money.

Is that even possible? Indeed, it today’s technologically advanced world, everything has become a possibility. You can easily find brokerages that offer money management services i.e. they take your money, invest it in various products and provide you maximum returns within a short span of time. This is certainly a great opportunity, but you have to remember to find a reliable and good broker for this purpose. One search on Google and you will find a horde of options to check out, but it is unwise to opt for the first one. Bear in mind that you will be trusting this broker with your money and your personal information.

You don’t want to do that without checking out the broker properly. One of the options you will find in the market is Skyfincapital. Owned and operated by Evor Limited, the company has its office registered in the Marshall Islands. They offer investment services through which you can invest in the financial markets and earn an income. But, what do their services include? Check out some of their prominent features below:

Skyfincapital invests in the forex and stocks market

How will the broker generate an income for you? It is vital for you to find the answer to this question before you go ahead and sign up with them. Every investment service will claim to offer you the highest profits, but how will they earn them? It is important to know in order to judge their legitimacy. Skyfincapital can help you earn an income by investing your money in the forex and stocks market. The former is the largest market in the world, as its daily trading volume exceeds $5 trillion. There is an endless number of currency pairs to be traded.

Some of these are major, some minor and there are rare and exotic options that are a lot more volatile. USD/CHF, GBP/AUD, EUR/USD, USD/RUB, NZD/GBP and USD/CAD are just some of the currency pairs that they can invest in. Apart from that, Skyfincapital also diversifies your portfolio by investing in the stock market. They have added stocks of some of the top companies in Russia, like Lukoil, VTB Bank and Gazprom. This allows them to generate a hefty income on your behalf.

Skyfincapital offers multiple payment methods

In order for the company to invest your money, you first have to hand over the funds to them. How will you do so? To find out, you need to know the payment methods that Skyfincapital has added on their platform. One complaint that people often have about investment services is their limited payment methods that can make deposits and withdrawals time consuming, costly and difficult. You will not have the same issue with this money management service because they have given plenty of variety in terms of payment solutions.

People who prefer the traditional and more secure options will find bank wire transfer available. This allows you to directly use your bank account for depositing funds for investment. If you don’t want to go with this option, Skyfincapital also supports debit and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Payoneer and more. Apart from that, they have also made the effort to add some of the e-payment options that are more convenient for people nowadays. These include WebMoney, Qiwi Wallet, Neteller and Skrill.

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Deposits are instant in most cases, which ensures that your funds can be invested as quickly as possible. As far as withdrawals are concerned, Skyfincapital offers guaranteed processing of withdrawal requests within an hour, something that not many investment services can offer to you. This ensures that you can have access to your money, as quickly as you want.

Skyfincapital offers you security

Handing over your money and personal information to an investment service is not without its risks. After all, the number of cybercrimes has surged significantly, which means you have to be cautious. In order to assuage your concerns, Skyfincapital has offered full data protection to its clients. They use high-end encryption technology for protecting all personal data in order to ensure that no outsiders can gain access to it. When it comes to security of funds, they have chosen the segregated accounts route.

This means that they keep their own accounts separate from their client accounts. Client funds are only used for investment purposes and not for any of the company’s obligations. This allows you to receive your money even if the company goes bankrupt. You can withdraw your funds anytime you want and there is no one stopping you.

Wrapping Up

Along with these features, Skyfincapital gives great returns to its clients in order to help them in achieving their financial goals. They also have top-notch customer support available round the clock to answer any queries you may have about their services.