Shopify design tips from Utkarsh Raj to makeover your online store

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What are the things about a new website that impresses you the most? It’s design, user-interface, page-loading speed, or a combination of all these factors?

According to Utkarsh Raj, a self-made successful entrepreneur, you need to combine these factors to make your online store attractive for your intended audience. He calls this combination a team-effort where every member plays a crucial role in the success of the store.

Utkarsh has single-handedly developed more than 30 stores on Shopify, one of the most renowned platforms for starting an online business. It is due to his incredible talent that one of his stores makes $50,000-$100,000 every day. If you also want to make your Shopify store a pinnacle of success, follow these tips from the 19-year old ecommerce star.

Select an appropriate theme

Shopify offers you tons of free themes that you can implement on your website. But make sure the theme justifies what you sell. A theme with digital clocks and countdown timers will look out of place if you sell medicines online. Utkarsh always focuses on finding a theme that the audience will be able to relate to your brand.

Focus on content instead of images and videos

Page-loading time is another crucial factor for any online store. Utkarsh says that customers wouldn’t give you time if they see that your website doesn’t open within a few seconds. This will eventually reflect on your sales volume. He suggests that you keep webpages free from too many videos and images as they usually increase page load speed. Don’t forget to resize any rich media you include on your pages. You should also remove nonessential widgets, third-party carousels and themes to improve the speed of your site.

Try a minimalistic approach

Utkarsh Raj
Utkarsh Raj

Utkarsh, having created over 30 Shopify stores, believes that the secret ingredient that makes your site popular is a minimalistic approach. Too much information will make your webpages look cluttered. You should allow visitors to explore your website instead of providing everything on a single plate.

He advises you to consider your Shopify store as an offline retail store. Would you like to visit a store that keeps washing powder, body soap, garage tools, toothpaste, cosmetics, and baby food all in one counter? That will make the store look untidy, creating a bad first impression.

You should follow the same tactic in your online store. Don’t use too many infographics, images, and product descriptions on one page. Your audience may get confused. Try to categorize everything according to their niches. It will provide a minimalistic look to your store, creating a good first impression.

Mention why your store is different

Why is your store different from your competitors? What makes your products stand out from the rest? Why should your customers visit your store whenever they need similar products? You should answer these questions on your homepage. It helps your audience decide whether they would want to revisit your store or not.

With cut-throat competition all around, it can be challenging for new entrepreneurs to start an online store that becomes an instant hit. But if you follow these tips from Utkarsh, you get a fighting chance to stay ahead of your competitors in the future.