SEO in Portugal: a trend of the times


More and more companies are relying on digital marketing to promote their products and services.

Especially in the era of websites, blogs and social networks, SEO gains a whole new importance in promoting new business opportunities with customers that visit the Internet to get to know new products, goods and services.

In this way, SEO in Portugal, although relatively recent, has seen a positive growth and only shows that it is possible to follow the new trends of technology, as well as the rest of Europe and – very important – of the United States, the great commercial and digital power. Today, almost all business sectors in Portugal can’t be separated from the Internet network. On the one hand, this gives tighter competition to traditional business actors but on the other hand, this provides many opportunities for beginners in the business world. Just like every coin has two sides, so does digital marketing.

What is SEO and how can it benefit businesses?

Whether it’s new companies or companies that have already earned their place in the sun, SEO is a tool to explore by anyone. Their goal is to put companies’ websites and blogs at the top of search engine results like Google, catching the attention of potential customers right on the first page, preferably. To note, the success of every business that enters the online market is greatly influenced by its success in entering the first page of the main search engines. Google is the leader and no online site wants to fight Google. They don’t want to be thrown from the top of Google’s search results.

SEO eventually exploits the opportunities brought about by the advent of the Internet, perhaps the preferred media of the general population at the beginning of the 21st century, where all types of information converge. Defining a few keywords in preparing periodicals on websites and blogs, developing linkbuilding and feeding social networks regularly can be the secret to flourishing business!

In short, digital marketing has democratized advertising for all businesses, small, medium or large, new or established. Creating a website or blog on the Internet is free and, if you are aware of international SEO trends and the respective rules to follow, this means of commercial promotion is completely free. But of course to get results that are in line with high expectations, you have to spend some money. Professional SEO services certainly do not sell their services for free. Sometimes, sacrifice (in this case is money) is needed to ensure that all your SEO strategies run according to expectations and needs. If you live in Portugal and your market is in Portugal too, hiring a SEO Portugal company is advised.

But are there digital marketing companies that develop SEO?

Even for those who prefer to delegate their company’s online marketing to other specialist companies, the price of doing so remains, as a rule, lower than conventional advertising. In addition, SEO allows you to promote a company without, say, forcing potential customers to unknowingly take notice of your products or services. Unlike advertising that is accessed in the press, on the radio or on television, online marketing is the customer who seeks, starting from himself the desire to get more information.

In Portugal there are already companies specialized in online marketing that offer quite a lot of services for Internet promotion services: SEO, social network management, link building, web design, copywriting and many more. In this way, it becomes increasingly possible for companies of all the dimensions create a virtual action plan, where huge customers converge.