Sell, merge or keep your business? Find what’s the best option for you

Are you thinking of moving your business in a new direction? Are you stuck between selling it, having a merger, or keeping it as it is? This guide will help you to make the right decision.

Negotiations around these kinds of things are often complex, and you’ll spend a lot of back and forth on the price, financial affairs, and other details. You’ll most likely have to work with several professionals to get the deal finally done.

You probably may not need to sell your business or go for a merger. A loan might just be what you need. Before taking a loan for your business, check all requirements carefully and use a loan calculator to know in advance the exact cost of the loan.

If you need one, check this business loan calculator, it’s free!

Are you patient enough to get the deal done?

Whether you are selling a business or having a merger, the deal takes a long time to get sorted. These deals could take as long as half a year, or even more to get completed. If you don’t have the patience and energy, you might as well wing it and keep your business. After all, you brought your business this far from scratch. You might keep things going yourself with a good loan cross-checked with a business loan calculator, a bit of luck, and you find your business soaring again.

Visualize the long-term future of your business

Selling your business or merging it with another is a strategic decision that must be well thought out. It’s not just something that you suddenly decide to do out of the blues. Take your time and picture the future. And when doing that, don’t think of the immediate short-term, think of five, ten, fifteen years into the future. Where do you see your business by then? What goals and vision do you have for your business? The answers to these questions should help you make a decision.

Do you believe in the growth potential of your business?

If you do so, then a merger might be preferable. A merger can give you access to resources that you need for your business to grow. On the other hand, a business loan may be what you need to grow your business. Only obtain the business loan after carrying out all due diligence.

Are you moving on to something else?

Are you moving on to something else like a new career path or another business? Have you suddenly become a caregiver? Or, have you lost all interest in running the business? Then, it may be time to sell it, but we warn you, there’s no turning back.

Have you received a very good offer for your business?

Does the offer involve a lot of money that can set you up for life or help you to start-up or invest in another business? Does it involve equity or shares of a larger business? The answers to these can help you to determine if you should sell your business or not.

Do you need working capital for your business?

Have you been struggling to maintain working capital for your business? If you’ve been struggling with working capital, a merger or a sale might help your business gain its footing. On the other hand, you might need a working capital loan instead, so you won’t have to sell it or merge it.  Use a business loan calculator to find out the actual costs the loan will incur.


With this guide, you should have more clarity on what to do regarding your business. Sometimes options seem short, but if you take your time, you can find companies that can help you save your business and patrimony. Some lenders like Camino Financial, focus on providing accessible loans to business owners who might find it difficult to access financing through traditional institutions with higher requirements.