Salient features that are offered by Comparium tool


There are many cross browser web testing tools available in the market. One of the best tools that are helping the website developer to check the compatibility of the site with the browser is using Comparium tool.

When a website is developed, there are a few rules that are followed by the developers to give the best experience to the users. The website is also compatible to open with mobile and desktops. When a website is opened in a mobile or on desktop, it gives the same rich experience to the users. While developing the website, it is important to check whether or not the website is browser compatible. There are many software companies who are using the best cross browser web testing tools to check the compatibility of the site with various browsers and are making sure that the site is free from errors before it goes live.

Comparium is a tool that allows you to carry out cross browser website testing using automated testing. This tool also allows you to see how your website looks in every browser.

Few of the features that are offered by Comparium tools and are grabbing the attention of many software companies to use it include:

Support different browsers irrespective of the versions: This tool is compatible to use on all browsers with different versions. You can carry out the testing on different browsers and operating systems. You can also do visual compatibility testing without any kind of hassle. By using this tool, you can test the website on the operating system in which you have developed.

Support various platforms: There are different operating systems that are supported by this tool including Linux, Windows, Mac, high Sierra, etc. This allows you to do cross browser testing on any of the operating system.

Generate offline reports: When you are using this tool, you do not need to wait to take the screenshots of the web pages such as Selenium that you are testing. To capture the screenshots, all you need to do is to give the email address and the URL. Once the process is done, the screenshots will be directly emailed.

Few of the reasons to use Comparium tool include:

  • Compatible to use on different browsers irrespective of the version
  • Rich user interface
  • Simple to use and quick
  • Free to use

Conclusion: If you are building any type of website, you can use this tool to conduct cross browser web testing. This is the most reliable tool that is used by many companies to check whether or not their website is compatible to work on all the browsers and how the website is looking on each browser clearly. This is an excellent and powerful tool for web developers. The latest version of this tool is available for free of cost. If you want to test the website without spending a huge amount of money, then you can select this tool. This makes testing of your website a breeze. You can check the browser compatibility of the site within a few seconds.