Safetrading – Why should you trust it? 


On the crypto market you can find some services that provide listings of different crypto wallets, bots or traders.

But are you sure they are really trusted? Everyone can list.

And today we will talk about Safetrading – the crypto listing platform, and will provide you the reasons to trust it.

The History of Safetrading

Everything started with the user who was scammed by two crypto channels.

Yes, this user was Andreas Schmidt – the representative of Safetrading.

And after this painful situation he decided to make the listing platform with the main goal to protect other traders from being scammed.

And Safetrading saw the world in the beginning of 2018, so more than two years ago.

What Can You Find on This Platform?

So, speaking about services, we need to say that Safetrading lists crypto traders, the best crypto wallet, crypto bots and Forex brokers.

Soon you will be able to find more categories.

All the services have their own statuses:

  1. approved, which means Safetrading checked the service and can recommend it to users;
  2. not checked, which means Safetrading don’t have enough information to check the service;
  3. not recommended (this is more about crypto signals), which means that the service is not the scammer, but, for example, can’t communicate well with users or has some signs of scam like cross-promo;
  4. scammers, which clearly means this service scam users

How Do They Review Services?

The best thing about this platform is they don’t hide their calculation rules.

Speaking about traders, it’s important to say that the process of due diligence is very complicated.

At first, they pay attention to the way the provider communicates, presence of cross-promotions, experience, etc.

When all of the facts are satisfactory, they will ask for access to the paid channel.

According to their experience, if the trader gives access, in 60% of cases it means that they are legit, and other 30-40% are afraid to receive the label “scammers” after the review.

So, in the case the trader gives access, Safetrading audits him using the calculation rules.

Here everything is very clear and legit because you can’t argue with mathematics.

Speaking about crypto wallets and crypto trading bot, it’s important to say that Safetrading has a special team of traders who review them.

That is why, as we see, you can trust their reviews because they are really professional.

Final Thoughts

Today we wrote a small review of the cryptocurrency listing platform – Safetrading.

They have more than two years of experience and a lot of satisfied users.

Safetrading not only lists crypto services but checks them properly as well.

And they give all the chances to express the users’ opinion – you can even leave the feedback about this or that crypto service.

So if you want to choose the crypto signals provider, bot or wallet – visit Safetrading!