RuneScape’s Login Lockout Finally getting Resolved

RuneScape was heavily affected by the recent login lockout issue that caused a lot of players to be “Locked out” of their own accounts. Upon getting the initial data from several testing processes, the officials confirmed that the issue was an “technical error” on their side.

The initial testings also confirmed that the many of the accounts would also lose some of their precious data and official statement from the mods also confirmed that the development team was working around the clock to come up with the best methods and tools to overcome the problem in a way that also helps us prevent from the loss of important player data as much as possible.

Back in 12 March, Mod Warden released a video stating the many problems that the development team was facing and the processes that the team has decided to follow in order to fix the issues as soon as possible and he also stressed that the problem was a lot trickier, something that hasn’t happened before during the whole 20 years of RuneScape.

According to is statement the team would be able to start recovering the accounts by the end of March and you can get yourself a jump start by buying a ton of OSRS gold coins for cheap!

Has the Account Recovery Process Started?

A few days ago, the team working on the Beta was able to gather details on the conditions of the players’ accounts due to their tireless efforts. The team has determined that the most of the accounts need small adjustments, but other accounts happen to have more serious problems that will take longer to resolve, if any solution comes up and in case things don’t work out like you want them to, check out these old RuneScape accounts that you can start over with or check out OSRS boosting to get your own account boosted to where you want it to be.

Based on that, officials have indicated that the account recovery process will begin next week, and that the players will also get some aftercare for their account once they have been recovered, to make sure that they don’t get any problems transitioning back to the game.

The mods further added that this will be an ongoing process, and the process of account recovery will start with accounts that are in a decent state of restoration and starting next week, you will get an email update as soon as your account is able to return to the game.

Would There be any Issues with your account?

Unfortunately, yes. Even after the development team successfully resolves the issue and recovers your account, making it playable again, there will be, not only some minor but also major issue with your account and these are some of them:

  • Your banks might not be in the same organized state, so you’ll have to reorganize it.
  • You may lose your invention perks or they might get reverted.
  • Your farming progress / the progress you have made with animals in pens and barns might also get a February 8th

Good News Awaits!

We know that this problem has been so frustrating for those who have been affected by it but don’t be sad and gloomy as the officials have also announced some great gifts and deals that you’ll be getting after your accounts have been recovered and that includes free memberships, a welcome back cosmetic kit, discounts and ton of other things.