Roborock launches a new & improved robot vacuum in the form of the S5 Max


Roborock has come up with an enhanced version of its robotic vacuum cleaner known as Roborock S5 Max.

Introducing S5 Max

It has been built with the latest technology that focusses on a seamless and automated mechanism in a much efficient manner. This time the mopping capability is further enhanced with the addition of an electric water tank. It contains a bigger tank than the previous version and the customization options for the water flow are also acknowledgeable.  The new mopping robotic technology comes with the capability of cleaning up to 2000 sq feet of floor space. It handles more space too.

You do not want to create any extra tensions with a robotic machine in your home and that is what we have concentrated to induce in our new version of S5. This time you would be able to set the non- moping zones in order to prevent the non-mopping stuff like your car[et from getting drenched. It will not enter into the rooms have set as non- mopping zones and this would allow staying stress-free when you leave your mopping machine on before going out.

Adjustment Feature

This time the Roborock S5 Max comes with the option of adjusting and setting a different suction power and flow of water for each different area of your home. For example, you can give a vigorous cleaning to the highly loaded areas of your house. On the other hand, you can lightly clean the rooms which need slight cleaning. This will help in reducing the wastage of electricity as well.

Efficacious to Pick Heavy Stuff

The Roborock line up in the featured machine provides a smooth workflow. Roborock S5 Max can lift heavy batteries while cleaning up the dust of your house. This shows the way our new technology provides the convenience people expect from us.

Automation Advancement

You can set the time for the machine operation and it will work accordingly for you. The Automatic mechanism also allows you to set the working in a sequential manner. You can select the room sequence for the home vacuum and it will work for you without intruding in your workplace.

Key Features of S5 Max are mentioned below:

  • Water Tank Capacity:- As mentioned earlier, the water tank can clean the 2000 sq feet area or a 700sq feet home thrice in one go.
  • Mop:- The mop is loaded with a spring that provides consistency in cleaning different surfaces with varied pressure from begging till the end.
  • Water Manager:- You can regulate the water flow from room to room by selecting the precise water amount for cleaning a particular surface.
  • Water Dripping:- When you put your vacuum to dock, the water remains shuttered in the machine and you can put it into operation once it gets charges readily without any further wait.
  • Non- Mopping Areas:- When the mopping pad is attached to the machine, the device itself automated the virtual non-mopping zones providing an effective automation technique.

Perks of this Cleaning Tool

When we are stating that this advanced version of S5 is way more powerful then we mean it and this S5 max has a lot in store for you that will prevent you fro daily frustrations related to your cleaning chores.

  • Commands:- You can give voice commands to your robotic machine to regulate its cleaning. For example, you can use Amazon Alexa to give these voice commands.
  • Adaptability:- Our Roborox S5 max adapts to every surface and corner of your house while cleaning them. For instance, if there is a requirement then it can increase its height to a maximum of 2 cm. It switches to maximum power when the areas need high power cleaning. For example, your carpet.
  • Easy to Maintain:- The machine can be maintained without many efforts. The main rush water tank, dustbin and mop mount help in the easy maintenance of the robot.

This advanced robotic mopping machine is clearly the best fit for your home that you won’t regret investing your precious money in. The Roborock company provides specialized machines that bring development in a concentrated section like navigation precision, home vacuum. Roborock S5 max is the best example.