Retiring in Turkey: A Guide to Understanding the Benefits and Challenges of Living in the Mediterranean Country as a Retiree

When it comes to retirement in Turkey is one of the best places to open a new chapter in your life. Living in a healthy environment is the main factor that determines the quality of life. In this context, Turkey stands out as one of the best places to retire.

Firstly, Turkey’s cosmopolitan structure makes it a wonderful place to retire as a foreigner. It is easy to fit in and engage with the community, the habitat is easily adaptable and communication is no issue.

Secondly, the living conditions determine the lifestyle quality. Thanks to its warm climate, clean environment, healthy cuisine, and way of living in European standards; Turkey offers a wonderful life full of comfort, ease, joy, and health.

Also, the advanced transportation network and advantageous location promote international connections. It is easier to travel to or from abroad anytime with well-connected routes and 35 international airports spread throughout the country.

Last but not least, the advanced healthcare system of Turkey provides the best quality treatments to retirees. Turkey is usually known as a major healthcare center among foreigners from medical treatments to aesthetic operations. The wide range of insurance options arranged especially for foreigners, an endless number of public and private health institutions, and well-trained medical professionals improve the quality of the healthcare system in Turkey.

Best Places to Retire in Turkey

Being surrounded by the four seas creates a significant privilege for Turkey in the geographical context. Foreign retirees mostly prefer living in coastal areas because of the decent environment, well-preserved natural setting, holiday-like lifestyle, and climate.

There are two types of cities where retirees choose to live in: Major city centers and small but well-developed districts.

The cities like Istanbul, the capital Ankara, or Antalya rank among the best places for retirees. It is effortless to reach any kind of necessity because of easy access to all amenities. Social life is quite vibrant, especially for pensioners. The multinational structure makes it easier to communicate and the advanced international connections promote travel to or from abroad.

However, the smaller southern settlements of big cities, for example, Alanya, Fethiye, Kalkan, or Bodrum, also has a lot to offer. Living in a refined environment intertwined with nature eases the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle. A decent environment would improve inner peace and support wellness. The calm, tranquil yet colorful lifestyle in the rural areas and coastal districts of Turkey combines peace, joy, and comfort altogether.

Cost of Living in Turkey as a Retiree

Turkey is a place where you can experience a quality lifestyle with European standards on a budget. “How much do i need to retire in Turkey?” is a major question in pensioners’ minds. Costs of daily needs, utility payments, personal expenses, and consumer prices are relatively lower in most Turkish cities in comparison to European countries.

While retiring cost of living in Turkey would be much much lower than in European countries with similar living standards. Here is an example. According to the statistics published by Numbeo, consumer prices are 154.0% higher in London rather than in Antalya. To live a comfortable life by providing their all daily and social needs, a retiree living in Antalya would need 1,683.26 GBP and 1,983.72 GBP in Istanbul whilst a pensioner in London needs 5,220.7 GBP and in Los Angeles needs 7,014.1 USD.

The average rent prices vary between 200 to 800 GBP depending on the location but buying a property in Turkey is always beneficial in terms of comfort and income opportunities. Monthly utility bills, including electricity, internet, and water subscriptions, cost around 50 – 60 GBP. This is less than half of the last amount that a retiree would’ve paid in Europe or the United States. Transportation is also cheaper. Public transportation costs around 8 – 10 TL for a one-way ticket in Turkey, which is approximately 0,40 GBP.

To sum up, blissful life in Turkey is affordable and allows retirees to save remarkable amounts of money to spend on their personal wishes, travels, and social occasions.

How to Retire in Turkey as an Expat?

Expats usually have one certain question in mind: What is the retirement age in Turkey? The retirement age in Turkey is 58 for women and 60 for men but under certain conditions, it is possible to retire at an earlier age.

Since there isn’t a special kind of visa designated especially for pensioners, one of the easiest ways to get a permanent residence permit is property ownership. In order to apply for permanent residency, retirees should legally live at least 8 years in Turkey with short-term residence permits.

These legal transactions of residence permit applications in Turkey are easy to follow with a professional advisor. A legal representative with power of attorney would handle the whole procedure on behalf of the applicant.

Health Benefits for Retirees in Turkey

According to Article 60 of the Turkish Constitution, every individual is entitled to social security. Foreign nationals and pensioners can benefit from the premium healthcare services.

The reputation of the quality of Turkish healthcare is beyond reproach. The whole system is managed by the Ministry of Health. Especially after the declaration of the Health Transformation Program in 2003, the Turkish healthcare system has transformed into a more modern shape in line with contemporary developments. Today, there are 50+ JCI-accredited hospitals in Turkey which is the highest accreditation number that any country has ever received.

Foreign retirees can get treatments and go under medical operations in Turkey but they might need to apply for insurance. They can apply for Universal Health Insurance provided by the government for basic treatments and also private insurance as a more comprehensive option. Universal Health Insurance is valid for state hospitals but private insurance covers most of the expenses stated under the insurance contract in pre-determined private hospitals and health centers.

It is a well-known fact that the insurance fees are definitely lower than in any other European country. But the prices may vary depending on the age, gender, and previous medical records of the pensioner. The fees also could change each year and from one company to another so it would be better to make market research beforehand.

Take the First Step in this Brand New Journey in Turkey!

Can a foreign citizen retire in Turkey comfortably? The question is: definitely! Retirement in Turkey for foreigners is comfortable, peaceful, joyful, and easy to maintain. Explore how to start living your best life by retiring in Turkey.