Residents pledge to hugely reduce landfill rubbish removal in London

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London is implementing a series of measures aimed at reducing the quantity of waste produced by its residents by driving resource efficiency and optimizing recycling levels.

The city’s goal is to reduce the negative impact of waste activities on the environment and maximize London’s infrastructure for managing waste. Also, by adhering to the Advancing Towards Zero Waste Declaration, the city’s residents pledge to reduce landfill rubbish in London and contribute to a global movement to create prosperous and sustainable zero-waste cities.

About the London Environment Strategy

The London Environment Strategy engages local authorities to develop special Reduction and Recycling Plans by 2020 to decrease the quantities of waste from local households and businesses. Also, the City has implemented new Emission Performance Standards (EPS) for greenhouse gases resulting from waste management.

To promote waste reduction, improve rubbish removal in London and increase recycling rates, the City is creating new waste management facilities. Also, local authorities are helping companies such as Clearbee to offer cost-effective waste collection and recycling services. And, to decrease the quantity of single-use plastic bottles in London, the City is improving access to free consumable water. In an effort to inspire a biodiesel revolution, and reduce CO2 emissions, London is turning all cooking oil, fats oils and greases, or FOGs, into fuel for its buses and vehicles fleet.

On the C40 Membership

London has joined the C40 community, which is a network of main cities from around the world, to address the negative impact of rubbish on the environment. Through the Advancing Towards Zero Waste Declaration, London is committed to cut the quantity of waste generated by 15%, to strengthen partnerships with specialist companies such as Clearbee to decrease the quantity of waste sent to landfills, and improve the waste diversion rate to 70% by end of 2030. With its partner cities such as Paris, Milan, New York, and San Francisco, London is accelerating the change to a zero-waste city and it’s actively supporting the global disposing of about 87 million tons of rubbish by 2030.

And, because the production of waste is the quickest growing pollutant, taking action to reduce rubbish removal in London will have the strongest positive impact on the environment.

As part of the Declaration, with the support of local clearance companies such as Clearabee, London will implement actions to reduce rubbish removal in London by lowering food loss and waste generated by food producers, retailers and consumers, increasing the recycling of food waste to improve the quality of soils, and banning single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials while educating residents in terms of sustainability and recycling programs.

Since the beginning of his mandate, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has proven great ambitions and has undertaken a series of programs to keep rubbish removal in London under control. He aims to transform the City into a zero-waste capital.

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