Resealable packaging innovation

Resealable packaging

Innovation comes in all sizes and the resealable packing bags are the best example of this statement. However, resealable packaging is an innovation which is void of the popularity it deserves.

For more than a century now, resealable packaging has been favoured by people for daily household activities. This form of packaging allows people to not only store their goods safely but also carry them, and consume them with a possibility of storing new goods again in perfect condition.

While we talk about almost everything in our routine conversations, packaging is one aspect that we hardly talk about but experience everyday. Therefore, flexible packaging has a huge role to play in our lives which has resulted in an unbelievable revolution in this area.

Even the people who are skeptical about investing in resealable packaging favour it due to numerous reasons such as longer shelf life, waste reduction, and ease of use.

The role of resealable packing in our daily lives

Resealable bag packaging comes in different shapes and forms and serves different purposes. For instance, a resealable packaging that provides an airtight container with different barrier and seal features allows the consumer to preserve food for a long period of time. With this type of packaging, harmful elements such as moisture or insects are unable to reach the product.

What we fail to recognize is that resealable packaging plays a much bigger role in our lives that exists outside the kitchen. Activities such as travelling, medical needs, or sanitation also require our utmost attention.

In this aspect, innovative products such as the resealable Schur®Star Label Bag are setting new bars of usefulness in our lives. The Star Label Bag is prominently used as a wet wipe for reasons such as refreshment wipes, medical wipes, toilet tissues, and traveling use. Moreover, the resealability of such bags is quite convenient. All the customer has to do is break the seal, take out the wipes for their respective use, and close the bag.


With a simplified yet effective way of resealing the bags, Schur Star Label Bag has become an integral part of the lives of people who use them. What sets them apart from other resealable packaging is the availability of security labels. Essentially, these labels allow the customers to enjoy a tamper evidence feature or use it for child-safe solutions.