Requirements To Look Out When Applying Chinese Visa

Chinese visa

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for visa to China for various purposes such as health, tour, education, business, and more. The visa can be issued for many purposes and you need to fill the application form.

A completed application should be submitted online with necessary details such as nationality, purpose of visiting the country, and more.

Whatever the reason might be, but you need to get China visa to enjoy the purpose of visiting the country. The application form can be processed in 4-5 working days. You will be provided Visa to China after 4-8 days. The visa can be sent through post; if you fail to receive the Visa, you can contact the travel agency that you are using to apply Visa to China! If you want to know the requirements to apply for visa for China, visit  or keep reading the following article!

Requirements for applying China visa:

  • Passport:

If you are going to China, you should have passport on your hand. A passport is the most important requirement when you are applying for visa to China. Along with a few documents, a passport should be valid with at least 6 months that you are left from China. And also, you should keep at least two blank pages when you decide to apply for visa to China.

  • Fill the application form:

In order to apply for visa to China, you need to submit the application form with necessary details and recently taken passport sized photograph. A colorful passport photo should be attached when applying application form online. You need to provide official proof if you have changed your name. A photograph should be clear and you should be taken in color. When applying for visa to China, you need to fill the application form with the utmost care to avoid rejections.

  • Provide a proof to stay:

If you are not an Indian but applying for Visa for China, you need to submit a proof of legal stay that allowed staying in India. A valid Indian residence is enough to apply for Visa to China. If you are applying from India, a valid residence proof is required to qualify for the Visa. If you fail to apply legal stay proof, your application form might be rejected.

Submit necessary documents:

Along with passport, applicants should provide necessary documents such as financial statements, type of visa required, address proof, and more. Along with application form, you should submit necessary scanned documents.  In order to apply for visa to China, you can apply the application form on your own or seek the assistance of travel agency to fill the application form.

Make sure you are filling the application form with the most appropriate to avoid rejection. These are the most important requirements required to apply for China visa. Make sure you are following the rules and regulations to apply for the application form. You need to pay an extra cost for Visa procedure and be prepared to pay an additional cost for Visa processing procedure.