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Any business founded on Magento stands on a firm foundation. Magento is an open-source established in 2008 and built using PHP.

Unlike other platforms, Magento solely is an eCommerce platform and very popular software among the merchants globally.

It has become a leading solution to businesses, as over 26% of the top best eCommerce websites use Magento. The platform is based on Zend Framework web-application and to store data, Magento uses EAV based MySQL database. For your business to grow there is no shortcut and achieving that, you need Magento development from experienced experts.

Nowadays, consumers are choosy and want a user-friendly website that has speed plus provides them with easy maneuverability. There are other places to run your eCommerce business, but why do you think big brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Nestle Nespresso, Ford, Fox Connect, Olympus and more run on Magento? So, let’s see why Magento could be the best choice for your eCommerce business.

Why Use Magento?

No Restriction to Changes

Magento is highly customizable, and adapts well to changes, meaning you can modify to meet the requirement of your consumers. It offers scalable ecommerce solutions and flexibility to customize your business to uniqueness you feel it augurs well with customers.

Management of Different Websites on a Single Platform

For starters, they need a single site to run an ecommerce business. However, as the business expands, along the way you may require to add multiple stores to meet the needs of your consumers. This is achievable with Magento where you manage customer’s details, sales report, and product catalog helping you save time and money.

SEO Friendly

Concerning SEO, Magento is a friendly CMS which is up to date with the latest ranking factors. Some of the important SEO features it has are:

  • Meta tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Sitemaps
  • Product title
  • Layered Navigation
  • URL’s that are search-friendly

Additionally, another most effective feature Magento has is including analytics that helps in tracking of web visitors.

Magento is Reliable and Secure

As you know Magento is an open-source, therefore it becomes accessible to everyone. The larger community of developers, designers, eCommerce consultants, and many others are formed in response to interchange information about the platform.

The combination of all (community) affirms that Magento is reliable, secure, up to date, fast, and a platform every business can trust.


Magento platform is known worldwide to have the website with a faster page loading time. If your business today cannot speed up the load time consumers abandon it and go to your competitors. When you build your business on Magento then you belong on the winning side as it is on a mission to help users experience a speedy process when interacting with ecommerce businesses.

A business thrives mostly on load time duration, and if your site has speed in responding to consumer’s needs, that increases your chance of winning more customers.

Responsive on Mobile

With Magento, every smartphone user interacting with your business will love the responsive experience. Magento has incorporated HTML5 on both the free community edition and the enterprise one to improve the mobile shopping experience.

Every eCommerce today cannot ignore the power of mobile since the majority of consumers prefer to place orders using smartphones/tablets. Magento 2 would be an ideal choice as it offers more tools especially for mobile optimization as well as desktop-oriented websites.


If you are looking for a way to develop a long-term professional eCommerce business, Magento should be your priority. As from inventory management, category management, product management, customer service, payment, search technology, and more features, is something you will love.