Reasons why purchasing a used car is better

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There are many good reasons for buying a second-hand car rather than heading to your local dealership to throw money at a brand new one.

In fact, there are so many sound arguments for sourcing your next vehicle from the used car market that you may never want to purchase a new one ever again. What are the main reasons for choosing a second-hand car?

Long-Lasting Cars

For the last 15 years or so, car manufacturers have been constructing vehicles that are much better at putting up with pollution and rust than they used to. When you bought a second-hand car in the 1990s, you could never be sure that it would last for much longer even if it was only a few years old. The vast majority of second-hand cars sold today are more reliable.

This is the case even if they have been exposed to problematic things like sea spray that they might have experienced parked on the streets of coastal cities like Brighton. Only those with very high mileage will show reliability issues on average.

Less Loss in Value

One of the key things that buyers of brand new cars will experience is an immediate loss in value of their car. Simply by becoming a car’s first registered keeper, you can take a huge amount of value off a car. This happens whether you buy or lease a new car from a dealer.

On the other hand, purchasing a second-hand car means that this substantial depreciation has already taken place. In other words, although your car may continue to lose value over time this will be nothing like the amount it would have dropped from its list price when new.

Cheaper Insurance

Losing less money from depreciation is one thing, but ongoing running costs are quite another. When it comes to second-hand vehicles, they are nearly always cheaper to insure than new ones. This can make a big difference if you are under 25 or live in a postcode that sees higher levels of car theft than average. If you want the overall costs of motoring to be as low as possible, then the cheaper insurance premiums you can expect from buying second-hand make a lot of sense.

Environmentally Sound

It is important to note that buying in the second-hand car market means that older cars get a new lease of life. By extending their working lives, everyone who drives a used car is doing something more environmentally helpful than buy anew.

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