QuantBitex launches new trading platform


With the influx of traders in the financial markets, it is not surprising that everyone is looking for a good broker to start trading.

The only issue is that finding them is not that simple. Since you will be investing your hard-earned money with these companies, you cannot afford to take this process lightly at all. If they don’t turn out to be reliable, not only could you suffer financial consequences, but your identity can also be compromised. You have to play it smart and this you can do by looking at a broker carefully before you decide to use their services.

Amongst the numerous options that are currently in the market, QuantBitex stands out in the crowd, as when they launched their platform, they spread their operations to many countries around the world. They are based in London, United Kingdom and are offering a combination of services that many will find hard to resist. You might hear rumors about QuantBitex, but their impeccable security features and their transparency will crush them immediately. Let’s see what it has to offer:

Variety in trading products

One of the most prominent perks that QuantBitex has to offer to its clients is their variety in trading products. You can access multiple financial markets via their new trading platform. Whether it is the foreign currency pairs that interest you, the stock market that is hard to resist, or you want stable opportunities offered by commodities, you can find all of them here. In fact, you can also trade the lucrative indices via this company and they have also put in the effort of adding the very attractive cryptocurrencies to the mix, so you can find it all in one go.

Multiple trading platforms

The trading platform offered by a broker is their most essential feature and QuantBitex has done an outstanding job in this regard. First off, they have incorporated the world’s leading trading platform i.e. the MetaTrader4. Hence, you can rest assured that you will find the best here and will be able to get the best tools and features you could want. Moving on, QuantBitex doesn’t just let you trade via a desktop platform; it has gone as far as adding WebTrader for your convenience so you can access it via the website. In addition, mobile trading apps for iOS and Android can also be found that offer a great deal of flexibility and ease to every trader.

Easy registration and account opening

This can be a very daunting process for many, but QuantBitex has made an effort to keep it simple and easy for all. The registration form asks only for the basics and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Opening an account is not a big challenge either, especially considering that they have added five account choices to choose from. Each of the options are meant for different levels of traders and you can explore the options until you find one that seems best to you. The five choices include Bronze, Silver, and Gold, Platinum and Premium and each of them gives you access to support, educational resources and all trading platforms. Also, a demo account has been added by the broker to help traders in getting in some practice.

Top-notch customer support

Support can make or break your trading experience and you will be pleased to see that QuantBitex has been quite attentive here. They offer various channels of support for your ease, whether you wish to get in touch via a phone call, send in an email, or prefer to use the live chat option on their website. Moreover, you will also find an FAQ section on their website that answers all the important questions, so you can find solutions there.

With QuantBitex’s new trading platform, you can make your foray into the financial markets and enjoy a seamless experience.