Purchase Guard review: handling client-merchant disputes got a whole lot easier   

Merchant cash advances, also known as business cash advances, are one of the best ways to help support your small business financially.

Purchase-guard.com, the complete dispute resolution service for online merchants and shoppers, provides a powerful way for merchants to streamline their interactions with clients when things don’t go as smoothly as planned.

The company has developed an innovative online platform that enables it to orchestrate the entire dispute resolution process for online merchants. As we’re about to explore in this Purchase Guard review, the merchants aren’t the only ones who benefit. In fact, the end-clients using Purchase Guard – the merchant’s customers (i.e., the online shoppers) – also gain many advantages over the traditional, high-conflict approach to dispute resolution.

How Merchants Benefit

Today more than ever before, merchants face a high risk of incurring chargebacks when their clients aren’t satisfied. Sometimes chargebacks are justified, but they have also been increasingly weaponized by consumers who are looking to secure a better deal.

Now with Purchase Guard, merchants who have a client that they deem might even be a small risk of making a chargeback, can refer those clients to the Purchase Guard team. Then, instead of dealing directly with the unsatisfied client, the merchant can let Purchase Guard handle all of the tricky negotiations for them.

The best thing about it is that the merchant doesn’t need to do anything that it can’t afford, or isn’t comfortable with. Instead, the Purchase Guard representatives always take the merchant’s circumstances and views into account, while at the same time trying to find a solution that will satisfy the client.

At the end of the day, Purchase Guard enables online merchants to drive-up satisfaction rates while pushing down chargeback instances. Clients are happier, and the merchants get to focus on their businesses instead of trying to manage angry processing companies and disappointed online buyers.

How Clients Benefit

Client dissatisfaction with products and services that are purchased online is still unsurprisingly common, and oftentimes those clients find themselves to be lacking in options.

Sure, clients can complain directly to the online merchant, but that’s not always a pleasant experience, and no one likes to come across as being a difficult person. On the flip side, they can file chargebacks directly with their card issuers. But this can be a long and drawn out process, and the damages associated with losing a chargeback case rarely justify the amount of money being charged-back.

Now with Purchase Guard, online shoppers who are unsatisfied with a product or service have a third way to restore their satisfaction. Using Purchase Guard’s easy-to-use dashboard system, clients can file a dispute in a matter of minutes.

After briefly explaining the nature of the dispute, a Purchase Guard representative will be assigned to the task at hand. That representative’s job is to deal directly with the merchant, to find a solution that will be acceptable to both the merchant and the client. In other words, Purchase Guard is the “middle-man” who negotiates with the merchant to reach a solution that is acceptable to both sides of the dispute.

The client will be presented with a proposal, without any need to interact with the merchant again, and will then be given the opportunity to accept or decline it. If the client accepts the new proposal, he or she will then get from the merchant whatever was agreed to (a refund, new product, etc.). If the client declines it, Purchase Guard will re-enter discussions with the merchant to try and find a solution that is acceptable to all parties.

The Next-Generation in Dispute Resolution

Purchase Guard is a solution for online merchants that are looking for a better, more cost-effective, faster, and less distracting way to resolve disputes with their clients. For clients, Purchase Guard is a simple and stress-free way to get a refund or replacement (in most cases). With its customizable user interface, and backed by a committed team of dispute managers, Purchase Guard proves that there is a better way to overcome disagreements between online shoppers and merchants once and for all.