Promote your business with high-quality content from WhitePress

If you want to succeed in running an online business, you’ll need your website to be visible to potential customers.

The best way to do that is by posting high-quality, SEO-optimized content that will not only be highly visible on Google’s search results page, but also engage the reader and build a relationship with them. How to achieve that? With WhitePress, reaching new audiences is simple and easy!

WhitePress: Professional Content Marketing

WhitePress is a professional content marketing platform, with which you can quickly and effortlessly publish your content in 24 languages. What’s the reason for publishing anything online? Let us explain.

Guest posts and sponsored articles are the bread and butter of online marketing, effectively promoting your online business. Whether you want to make your website or web shop more visible, the best way to do that is through publishing high-quality content. Each article that is published acts as a soft advertisement, bringing readers to your website while also giving them something interesting and engaging to read.

One of the main goals of content marketing is improving your website’s SEO score – which means your website will be ranked higher on the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Moreover, each published article provides an additional opportunity for increased traffic. At WhitePress, you can choose from over 44,000 websites to publish your content on, targeting exactly the target group that matters the most for your business!

Do I need ready-made content to publish?

If you don’t have any content already written, that’s fine too – at WhitePress, you can hire the services of a professional copywriter to write your content instead, making sure it’s not only grammatically correct, but also interesting and SEO-focused. Content marketing platforms like WhitePress hire native-speakers and professionals in the field, with extensive writing experience – WhitePress’s specialists offer high-quality content in 24 different languages. Copywriting and publishing can be ordered either separately, or together, depending on your specific business needs.

With a copywriter taking care of your content, you can save yours and your employees’ time. Having your employees stop their everyday tasks to write blog content and improve SEO will only eat into their tight schedules, while relegating content writing to a professional will not only guarantee quality and effectiveness, but also take some workload off your workforce. Writing engaging content takes skill and experience – don’t let someone without the proper know-how prepare your content. Use the services of a professional copywriter who knows how to create a positive brand image and attract new customers.

The benefits of working with a copywriter

Spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors aren’t that easy to catch and get rid off if you’re untrained in working with text, and while you might think they won’t matter that much, clients can quickly doubt the reliability of your services if your content is full of errors. When working with a professional copywriter, you can rest easy knowing your content will be error-free.

While Search Engine Optimization is definitely important for an online business’s growth, it’s not the only important aspect of content. Above all else, good content needs to be persuasive, useful, engaging, and shareable. Most often, the purpose of written content is to show and advertise products or services – but people won’t be keen to engage with it if it looks too much like a commercial. It takes experience to know where the sweet spot lies between persuasive and informative, and there are few specialists who know better how to work with text than copywriters.

SEO is a quickly evolving and changing field, with new changes and algorithm updates being rolled out very often. Small businesses might not have enough capacity for tracking all of these changes, but – on the other hand – not updating your SEO practices can harm your growth. Working with a copywriter can be the best of both worlds – you get premium-quality copy with the latest SEO practices and you don’t have to waste your own employees’ time and effort on it!

Trace your content’s performance

If you want to make sure your content is performing as well as it should, there’s nothing easier. Each article published through the WhitePress network can be tracked in real-time to check its performance with a free tracking script that analyses traffic and audience engagement. If you’re not satisfied with how your content performs, you can easily adjust your publishing strategy, improving the results and improving your visibility.

Content marketing offers many benefits to small and large businesses, not only helping you bring more traffic to your website, but also building a positive brand image among your clients. Engaging content makes your brand more believable, which is why it’s so important to go for quality instead of quantity – poor quality copywriting can harm your brand image, even if it’ll be highly searchable. Don’t let amateurs handle your marketing, team up with a professional content marketing platform like WhitePress!